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Patagonia backpacks

Looking for a comfortable and functional Patagonia backpack?

At Glisshop, you’ll find a large selection of Patagonia backpacks designed for hiking, touring, skiing or traveling. So whether it is to spend long days in the backcountry or to explore the city, these tough and technical rucksacks are build to handle everything you throw at them with room for the unexpected! Very ergonomic, they manage to stay light and comfortable despite their large storage volume, the brand has a long experience at making packs and ensures the best quality and durability whether it's a bag for a long tour or your casual rucksack. Last but not least, Patagonia is a company with a strong environmental commitment so you’ll be making a good deed for nature by buying their bags!

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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)