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Scott goggles

Scott ski goggles, the accessory you need for a good season.

If the most popular model is the LCG, Scott has a large line of ski and snowboard goggles available, each delivering unique performance. Some goggles feature interchangeable lenses so you can swap them when light conditions vary. These models often come with 2 or more lenses and you can always complete your Scott equipment if you want an extra lens. The most difficult is to choose! We have a large selection of lenses with different tints. If the weather is dark and light is low, you may want a yellow lens class 2, it will increase brightness or a red lens for more contrast.

And if the sun is bright and shining, then you probably want a grey or brown class 3 lens, it filters from 82 up to 92% of light. If none of these suit you, then why not going for photochromic goggles? They automatically adapt to varying light conditions!

Whatever the colour you choose, Scott lenses are certified to filter 100% of UV rays and protect your eyes in any conditions!

Scott lenses are also treated with an anti-fog system to prevent from fogging and they all carry venting systems as well, enhancing air flow.

And if you wonder about cylindrical or spherical goggles, be advised that spherical goggles are a little more pricy but they offer a better vision, more panoramic, vertically and laterally, you can’t see the frame, awesome.

Spherical lenses are particularly appreciated by snowboarders who ride sideways on the slopes and need a wider view.