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Boots Gizmo Grey Orange


£227.31 VAT included
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Winter 2013

Boots DC Gizmo Grey Orange

Size information : According to our customers and staff feedback, it is recommended to pick an extra size and a half over your standard shoe size.

A hell of a good looking boot. They know their stuff at DC. And the Gizmo can be confusing. A skateshoe or a snow boot ? Of course, considering you're in the snowboard category of our website, that must mean it's a snow boot, but still! And the interior is as stunning as the exterior, with a huge amount of comfort accompanied by an optimal fit. fit enhanced by the closure system allowing you to tighten the lower part and the upper part independantly. Ride with style, and with the Gizmo! 

What our testers say : The little brother of the Ceptor. The Gizmo provides a softer feel and doesn't lack of comfort or hold thanks to the same Alpha 1 liner and the J-Bars. The main difference stands in the closure since the Gizmo features a hybrid system allowing to lace upper and lower sections independantly. Perfect to adapt the fit to your ride. Loose when freestyling, tight when carving. The soft flex is also very welcome for riders looking for forgiveness. We recommend it to intermediate all-mountain riders or advanced freestylers. 

Product Name
DC Gizmo Grey Orange
Product price
£113.60  instead of  £227.31
Specs Boots DC Gizmo Grey Orange
Year 2013

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Inner lacing
• Fast lacing
Outter lacing
• Classic lacing
Foot Width
• Average
Various Complement
Boots Stiffness
• Medium

Manufacturer info :

Outter Laces

  • BOA® Coiler Lacing System  :

    The BOA lacing system allows to tighten your boots simply and precisely with a single rotation of the reel.

  • Direct Power Lacing  :

    The lace hooks are strategically located to improve the lacing and make it easier and powerful.

  • Constrictor Hybrid System  :

    Boa® Hybrid System : The down part of the boot has straps connected to the Boa® system. It provides a better heel-lock without taking off the flex of the boot.

  • Wrap Lock  :

    The Wrap Lock system allows you to wrap the laces around the hooks in order to tights each zone independantly and to get a safer lacing.


  • 3D Tongue  :

    Ergonomic tongue made to adapt itself to the shape of the bottom leg and foot. Stitched in two parts that adjust to your curves, the 3D tongues are made with no stitches in order to create flex with no friction.

  • Bravo Liner
  • Internal Ankle Arness  :

    An ankle harness made of neoprene wraps around the liner and provides a better hold without using laces.


  • Articulation  :

    Gives a better and more natural flex.

  • Unilite™  :

    Unilite™ soles are long lasting and provides a great grip, comfort and cushioning. Moreover, they're superlight.


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