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Climbing skins 125 mm X 200cm Mix Black


View detailed description Climbing skins, Gecko 2018

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Climbing skins Gecko 125 mm X 200cm Mix Black

If the climbing skins are bought together with a touring ski package, their triming is offered for free and has to confirmed with the mounting of the bindings at the same step of the order process. If the climbing skins are bought alone, then we can trim them for you if we have the very same pair of skis (model, year, length) available here in stock ONLY. Please contact us as soon as possible once your order is placed to check our ability to proceed or not and confirm the needed details. 

Advantages of GECKO ski skins: 

- NOT a glue skin! GECKO adheres securely to the dry as well as wet ski due to its revolutionizing "molecular fusion (suction)" effect. Repeated application and removal of skin does not affect the performance of the skin. 

- Easy to use: no need for a protective shield to store skin, skin won't stick together. 

- Skin can be cleaned with luke warm water to remove any dirt from the adhesive side. 

- Skin performs reliably in a wide range of snow conditions and withstands temperatures from +250 ° C to -70°C. 

 - The Gecko Adhesion layer assures longevity. 

Product Name
Gecko 125 mm X 200cm Mix Black
Product price
Specs Climbing skins Gecko 125 mm X 200cm Mix Black
Year 2018




Glueing system
• Glueless
• Mixed
• Hook + Camlock
• 125 mm

Manufacturer info :


  • Mixed


  • Hook + Camlock


  • 125 mm

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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)