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Ski jacket

Which ski jacket is right for you?

In the mountain, conditions can change fast and turn extreme before you realize it and have the time to shelter somewhere. Wearing appropriate clothing is extremely important and can actually save your life. On a lighter note, it's always nice to wear a jacket that feels comfortable and that matches your tastes. On Glisshop, you'll find a wide selection of ski jackets and snowboard jackets. All of them were carefully selected to make sure they deliver optimal performance in the mountain. From our technical men's ski jackets featuring advanced technologies like Gore Tex or Primaloft to our warm women's ski jackets featuring water-repellant coating and snug and soft inner lining, We have clothes for everybody. We also have a line of kids ski jackets to make sure even mini skiers stay warm on the slopes! Ski through the storm or roll on powder all day, with our jackets you know you’ll stay warm and dry whatever the conditions.

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Buyer’s guide for your ski jacket

The best and ideal setup of clothing is the 3-layer combination. One base layer that will increase comfort, warmth and moisture wicking. One midlayer like a fleece top for optimal thermal insulation. And an outter layer or shell layer, usually a technical jacket that protects you from the elements such as rain, snow or wind. On glisshop.co.uk, you will find a large selection of high quality ski jacket that will make your winter better!

What is a ski jacket?

Forget about old k-ways and the big and bulky jackets from the past. Manufacturers techniques have improved a lot and they can make ultra practical jackets featuring the latest performance-driven technologies. Light, waterproof, breathable, warm, these jackets have really stepped up their game. Who has never heard of Gore-Tex? This revolutionary membrane was really a step ahead of all other technologies. But things have changed and many manufacturers have caught up to make products that are as good as Gore Tex. These membranes are micro perforated with pores having a very specific diameter. They are too narrow for water molecules to go in but they are wide enough to let wet air molecules go through. This means you can face a storm, nothing will pass through your jacket except your sweat that will draw away naturally. It’s almost like magic! The Glisshop tips: During the toughest weather conditions, your jacket may get covered with a thin white layer that goes thicker and thicker. Don’t worry, you are just turning into a snowman. Basically, it means your ski jacket functions are working. The jacket is wicking moisture away but when it’s really cold, this moisture turns into ice instantly. Make sure you wipe it off regularly so it doesn’t affect the breathability of your jacket. Every jacket features two important specs: its waterproofness rate and its breathability rate. It is what matters most when you pick your jacket. If you are a recreational skier and you cruise on the slopes when the weather is nice, you can go for an entry-of-range ski jacket. You will spend less money and be as happy. On the other hand, if you are a core skier or if you tour and do intense physical activity on your skis then you should get a more breathable jacket.

Does Gore-Tex ski jacket need to be washed?

Since membranes are micro-perforated materials sandwiched between fabrics, it is super important that the pores are not blocked and the fabrics clean. Therefore, you do need to wash your ski jacket from time to time. You can wash it in the machine if you make sure you wash at recommended temperature. When you do this, you can add a Gore Tex regenerating product that will make your jacket as new!

How about functionality?

Waterproofness and breathability are important, but convenience is too! A ski jacket must be practical. When it’s freezing cold, you’ll be happy to be able to take your lift pass out without taking your gloves off. It’s also nice to have functional pockets where you can put your valuables, a goggle wipe, your smartphone and so on. Hoods and powder skirt are welcome too!

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