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Men's thermal underwear

How about wearing men’s thermal underwear this season?

A second skin that keeps you warm and dry and provides comfort all day. How does that sound? Try these men’s thermal underwear, you won’t be disappointed. Combine them with a fleece top and a good tech jacket and you know you’ll never feel cold again. Every good brand is on glisshop.co.uk and you will find a wide selection of underwear clothing in synthetic fibre or merinos wool.

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Buyer’s guide for men’s thermal underwear

To make sure you spend a comfortable winter, have a look at our technical underwear corner shop. They will protect you from the cold by maximising heat retention and enhancing moisture wicking. From long sleeve tee shirts to leggings, get yourself bundled up!

Are thermal underwear comfortable?

This base layer is directly in contact with the skin so it needs to be soft and nice to touch. Specialised brands have developped their own products with lots of innovations making these clothes super comfortable to wear. The fabrics are carefully selected, some products are seamless in order to avoir friction. Thermal underwear for men feature modern flat seams or patches offering the best mobility. Stretchable and comfortable, you can wear those on your skin.

What is the point of wearing thermal underwear?

Beyond the fact it is comfortable, this type of clothing for men was designed to draw moisture and sweat away. The fibre used in the construction absorb moisture and moves towards the upper layers until it evaporates through the jacket. These highly breathable fabrics are super light and keep you dry even during intense physical efforts. The only downside of these fabrics is that they tend to smell at the end of the day. Fortunately, manufacturers keep innovating and you can now find fabrics with an anti-microbial coating and it is pretty efficient! Other manufacturers have worked in another direction and focused on natural merinos wool which offers the following assets. It is incredibly soft, it provides excellent thermal insulation and absorbs and restitutes water molecules very well. Moreover, merinos wool is naturally anti-microbian. With such clothing, you can easily go on week-long tours and keep the same equipment on. So you’re probably wondering where is the trick. Well, merinos wool is fragile and should not be washed over 30°C. Of course, wearing these will make your day more comfortable but you still need to wear upper layers if the day gets really cold. A fleece top will drastically increase the heat retention while a jacket will shield you from the rain, the snow or the wind.

Come have a look at our selection of thermal underwear for men!