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Nordic ski set Redline 2.0 Intelligrip + bindings


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Level Race Expert
Category Classic
Structure - Construction
Triaxial Carbon Construction
Intelligrip 100% Mohair
PR 100X core
Weight of the pair in grams



In the continuity of the old model but with a few minor revisions, especially in terms of geometry, the Redline 2.0 Classic is still progressing a little and is one of the most powerful skis on the market.

What are the characteristics of the Madshus Redline 2.0 cross-country ski?

The classic racing ski of the Madshus brand equipped with a pair of 100% mohair skins, no more and no less! With the new Redline 2.0 geometry, it has wider sidecut lines at the skate level, thus providing a larger support surface under the foot and a straighter overall profile than the previous version. The tips are thinner but contain more material for smoother transitions in propulsion and do not create a hard point as soon as the foot is supported. The camber is therefore even more homogeneous than on the old version. This new construction makes it possible to sink less on soft snow without compromising the ease and dynamism in propulsion present on the previous model. In terms of construction, Madshus still relies on its ultra-light PR 100X structure, a foam core immersed in a triaxial carbon sock that covers the entire camber area for an efficient end of thrust in propulsion. The P300 Nano sole, the latest evolution of the brand, is now the only sole present on Madshus racing skis, and judging by the performance of the brand's athletes at the World Championships, it works more than well! When it comes to character and skiability, we can only praise its qualities and the ease of grip it provides despite its very high level of performance. Intelligrip 100% mohair skins play a major role in this ease of hold. In addition, with the NIS NIS 2.0 plates it is possible to add the Rottefella Move Switch system, an easy to use wheel that allows you to move forward or backward on the ski according to the terrain or the type of outing you want to do and adapt the grip and glide in function without having to take off your shoes. A real grip regulator, very practical and of a usefulness that you would not suspect before having tested it! The NIS 2.0 plates adapt to NNN Rottefella standard bindings, compatible with Prolink, Turnamic and NNN shoe standards. For us, this is one of the most beautiful skis available today with a fantastic level of performance coupled with an accessible character.

Who is the Madshus Redline 2.0 Intelligrip cross-country ski for?

Tolerant, yes, but for a ski in this range, you need to have a minimum technical background to get the most out of its potential. It's a great training ski for racers, or as a single pair for skiers who love classic technique and are looking for a high performance ski without the "constraint" of restraint waxing. Ideal for long sporting outings.

What are the main qualities of the Madshus Redline 2.0 Intelligrip cross-country ski?

Dynamic propulsion
Gentle on the grip
Possibility to add the Rottefella Move Switch hook/slide regulator
Exceptional glide
Choice of size :

192 cm : 50 to 60 Kg
197 cm : 55 to 65 Kg
202 cm : 65 to 75 Kg
207 cm : 75 to 85 Kg

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