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Drone Hexo+


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The Hexo+ self-flying drone combined with a GoPro camera allows you to capture mind-blowing aerial footage. Set it up with your smartphone and it will follow and film your best runs!

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Hexo +

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Drone Hexo+ Hexo+

The Hexo+ is the drone that is about to change the world of action sports. The project was led by Xavier De Le Rue and developped by Squadrone System. It brings a new way of capturing aerial footage and doesn't require any particular skills to do so.  

The drone is self-flying, it follows you thanks to the GPS signal of your smartphone. Thanks to a specific app (iOS or Android), you can select a variety of camera moves and the drone takes care of the framing. All you have to do is focus on your riding or on whatever you're doing. Controlling the drone is ridiculously easy for the main reason that you don't have to control it. Super easy to use, its battery can last from 10 to 15 minutes (flying time) for a complete charge of 45mn. Combine your drone with your GoPro camera (compliant with GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Black) to capture amazing aerial footage worth professional quality. Note: the camera is sold separetely. 

The Hexo+ can follow you precisely thanks to the data provided by your smartphone combined with the sensors integrated to the drone (GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass). The drone processes all this data and adapts its speed and flying trajectory accordingly. The algorithm helps anticipating speed variations. The camera stabilisator controls the frame angle and absorbs the vibrations to deliver a stunning stable footage. 

With the Hexo+ drone, a new era begins. 




The Hexo+ is your own personal flying camera : a smart drone and an app designed to create fantastic aerial footage without pilot skills required. 

Introduction Hexo+ Self-flying camera drone 

Fully automatic
No piloting involved ! From take off to landing, the drone moves and does what you ask just by clicking on your smartphone.  

Smartphone Application Self-Flying camera drone Hexo+ 

Smile, you're perfectly framed!
The exclusive algorithms and data fusion ensure optimal stability and highest quality footage. 

Piloting Self-Flying camera drone Hexo+ 

State-of-the-art technology 

Specifications Self-Flying camera drone Hexo+ 

Weight and dimensions
WIDTH 435mm without propellers
LENGTH 410mm without propellers
HEIGHT 244mm, 103mm without landing gears
WEIGHT 1,7kg (gimball & battery) 

Dimensions Self-Flying camera drone Hexo+ 

Power and battery
Battery lithium-polymer 5000mAh 3S
10 to 15mn of flight time per battery, depending on flight-conditions
Universal charger included  


3 Clockwise and 3 counterclockwise-rotating propellers. Custom design with maximum thrust/power ratio. Tool-free, screw-on assembly with color coded nuts matching the motors.  

6 custom designed motors. Color coded to match rotational motion with the right propeller.  

Propellers Self-Flying camera drone Hexo+ 


Max Speed 45Mph (70Km/h) 


Max range Up to 300Ft (100m) when using the follow movement 


Conditions of use
Outside temperature: -10°C à 50°C  (15°F to 120°F)
Max altitude: 4800 m (16,000 Ft)
Max wind speed: 40 km/h  ( 20 Nds, 25 Mph) 


Landing gear 


Digital compass
GPS Antenna (compatible GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS et SBAS)
3-axis Gyroscope  

3-axis (yaw, pitch, roll)
0° to 90° motion range on all 3 axis
Compatible with GoPro Hero3, Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Black
Removable toollessly 

Gimball Self-Flying camera drone Hexo+

Integrated camera movements 

Movements Self-Flying camera drone Hexo+ 

Automatic landing modes 

Landing modes Self-Flying camera drone Hexo+ 


Box content Self-Flying camera drone Hexo+ 

Product Name
Hexo+ Hexo+
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Specs Drone Hexo+ Hexo+
Year 2016

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