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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)


This page comes in addition to our privacy policy.

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We use your personal data with your agreement and we make sure it is protected. Here is why we need it and how we use it.

Your personal data allows us to improve your customer experience. You are the one who decides what you’d like to receive from Glisshop and how. Of course, we guarantee that your personal data is kept safe.

Protection of your privacy

At Glisshop, we are 100% committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and visitors. Glisshop staff members are also customers on internet websites so we understand why privacy matters and what it means. If you have any question or query about our data protection policy, please send us an email to rgpd@glisshop.com or use our contact form.

We remind you that SAS MGF Sports, owner of Glisshop site, is the data controller and is responsible for your data privacy.

Data collection is needed for our website to run properly. It also helps us improve your browsing and purchase experience with us. Here is why data is collected and how we use it.

- Name and details:

First, we need this information to ship the products you ordered on our website. We may also use it to contact you by email or text message for tracking your delivery, or to help fraud detection and protect you from it. With your consent, it also enables us to keep you informed about our products or commercial offers, or to display Glisshop adverts while you’re browsing the Internet. It helps you receive a more accurate and custom offers.

- Date of birth:

Your age can be required for customising your products (fitting and setting ski bindings for instance). Your date of birth can also be useful for detecting frauds. Finally, it helps us know our customers better to adapt our products and offers.

- Your gender:

This information helps us guide you to the right part of our website and display products that you are more likely to appreciate (men's or women's). It is also a necessary information when it comes to customising products (remember the fitting of bindings!). Lastly, it gives us information to help us refine our offers.

- Your purchase, browsing or contact history:

To start with, this data is absolutely necessary for browsing our website and for adding products to your shopping cart. This data also helps our customer service to deal with your guarantee, repair, refund or exchange requests and to offer you a more custom service. With your IP address or the device used (mobile, desktop, tablet), we can automatically adjust our website to the right size or correct language to improve your experience. It is a precious help for us as we want to provide the best possible service. And again, all this data is helpful to detect and fight fraud.

- Payment details:

Payments by card are handled and secured by our partner Be2bill, member of GIE CB and PCI DSS certified. It meets the strictest norms in securing bank data. During payment, your personal data are encrypted and transferred. In certain conditions, it may be registered by Be2bill. Glisshop never has access to it.

- Data about product customisation:

We need information in order to customise certain products. Your height, your weight, your ability level or your shoe size are as many elements we need to fit your ski bindings properly and ensure your safety on ski slopes.

- Reviews:

We publish reviews from customers on our networks. These reviews may contain personal data. You can require to amend or delete your review using our contact form.

- Online competitions, polls, surveys…

There is no obligation to join our online competitions. Yet, if you’d like to win something, we need to register your personal data. Data collected from polls and surveys are used to refine our stats. They help us know our customers better and improve Glisshop offerings.

- Social networks:

Glisshop may use your personal data to interact with you on social networks. These networks’ websites have their own privacy policies and conditions of use.

- Sharing your information with third party:

We may share some of your data with a third party in order to fulfill our contract with you and to improve your purchase experience with us:
° Couriers and delivery companies ensuring the delivery of your order
° Payment service providers
° Service companies such as marketing agencies, advertising partners, web hosts, etc.

Marketing messages (emails, sms…):

With your consent, Glisshop will stay in touch with you by email, sms or notifications to keep you posted about our latest news, new products and ongoing offers. You can unsubscribe from these services anytime by clicking in the link featured in our emails, or by contacting our customer service through our contact form. You will keep receiving messages related to your order like your order confirmation email, your parcel tracking number, satisfaction survey, return requests or reminders of your loyalty vouchers.

Glisshop ads on Internet:

Thanks to marketing means of partner companies, Glisshop targets you with advertising banners when you browse other websites or apps. These ads are based on the information we have from you when you visit Glisshop (products viewed, search history, banners clicked, etc). These ads use various technologies such as pixels, cookies, tags, web beacons and other specific services.

Keeping/Deleting information:

We keep your information for as long as your customer account is active or for as long as we need it (for resolving a guarantee issue for instance). This is to provide the best possible experience and service. If your account has been inactive for 3 years or more, we will delete all your information and personal data.

Update of our privacy Policy:

Glisshop reserves the right to update and amend its privacy policy. If a major change had to happen, we would communicate clearly about it on this page.

Users rights:

GDPR integrates new notions about users rights and personal data management. Here are your rights:
° You have the right to be informed about the use of your personal information
° You have the right to access and/or amend the personal information we have from you.
° You have the right to request the suppression of your personal data or to request that we stop collecting or processing it.
° You have the right not to receive direct marketing messages anymore. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters or via our contact form. In fact, you can change your mind anytime regarding the way we process your personal data and content.
° You have the right to ask for an export of your data for you or for another service provider.

If you wish to exercise your rights, to complain or to ask questions, please use our contact form.

Cookies :

Glisshop websites use various ways of collecting data, including cookies, HTML tags, invisible pixels or similar technologies, widgets, buttons, integrated URLs… here is the information we collect:
° IP Address
° Identification cookie
° Device used
° Browser and language
° Country
° Websites viewed
° Behavior on Glisshop website: clicks, search, add to cart, etc.
° Pages viewed, access time, URLs

This information allows us to provide a better service to users and make their browsing and purchase experience better. Data collected from cookies or tags also help us refine our traffic stats, they help us understand better customers behaviours and interaction flow.
Some cookies are required to keep our site functioning properly so they are always active. They allow you to add products to your cart for instance, they allow you to pay for your order or they keep your data secure while you’re browsing.

Other cookies improve browsing performance and experience. They remember your preferences or help us add features to our websites. If you refuse those cookies, our website will perform less and our recommendations won’t be as accurate.

Finally, social networks and ads cookies transfer information to third parties. They allow you to see products you liked or products you’re interested in. Data collected via these cookies (third party modules or widgets) is subject to social networks’ or third party companies’ privacy policies. These cookies allow you to log to these networks and share content on them.

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