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Goggles Mig MFI Supernova Blue Cobalt + Amber Spare


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Goggles Anon Mig MFI Supernova Blue Cobalt + Amber Spare

Product Name
Anon Mig MFI Supernova Blue Cobalt + Amber Spare
Product price
Specs Goggles Anon Mig MFI Supernova Blue Cobalt + Amber Spare
Year 2017

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Glasses holder
• Yes
• Category 1

• Category 4
Lens Technology
• Extra lens

Manufacturer info :


  • 1 free amber lens for bad weather
  • Helmet compatible  :

    Why should you be stuck fitting only a single helmet? With well thought-out strap attachments and frame shapes, our goggles are designed to minimize the gap between helmet and goggle and work with the most popular helmets on the market. You don’t want to be a gaper do you? Trust us, you don’t.

  • Free Facemask
  • Silicon grip
  • ICT (Integral Clarity Technology)  :

    High-performance riding demands the best possible fiel of vision. Wall-toWall incorporates optimal optics, low-profile frames and 40% thinner face foam, producing an ultra-close fit that eliminates the peripheral vision impairments of typical goggle construction. The result is a truly unobstructed viewing experience.

  • Lightweight thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Frame  :

    Anon goggles are constructed with the highest quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Thoroughly tested on hill and in the lab, Anon's TPU has the highest resistance to abrasion, maintains consistent flexibility in changing températures and has superior elasticity to fit every face shape.

  • MFI  :

    Anon's proprietary MFI technology (Magnetic Facemask intergration) is the perfect solution for protecting your face, and simplifying your kit. The four magnetic connection points make sealing your MFI facemask to your goggle a snow, and provides long lasting connection on the hill. The reinforced perforated O2 vents keep you fully covered and fog free making sure you never sacrifice clarity for comfort.

  • Triple layer Face Foam  :

    anon's variable density face foams utilize a moisture wicking fleece that provides a perfect gogge-to-face fit, sealing out the elements while providing hours of riding comfort.

  • Micro Fiber Goggle bag Inclued
  • Spherical lens technology  :

    Anon's Spherical lens construction combines decentered technology with a lens curvature that mimics the curvature of the human eye for superior optics in all directions.



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