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Helmet Coulter White Mat


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Helmet Scott Coulter White Mat

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Scott Coulter White Mat
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Specs Helmet Scott Coulter White Mat
Year 2015

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• Polycarbonate In Mold structure

• M-R.A.S. Fit Sytem

• G-Vent System

• Active S-Vent System
Weight (g)
• Size adjustment

• Adjustable venting

Manufacturer info :


  • Active S-Vent System  :

    The top of the head generates the most amount of heat. Placed on the top of the helmet, the SCOTT Active S-Vent system consists of adjustable vents that, when opened, channel air over and around the riders head.  Warm-stagnant air is removed from the helmet almost immediately. The vacuum affect created when the S-vents are open can be easily adjust to a comfortable amount of airflow.

  • G-Vent System  :

    SCOTT's G-Vent system is the most advanced helmet venting system available and reduces goggle fogging while increasing helmet airflow. Intake vents placed on the helmet visor, just above the goggle, pull air through the goggle frame, removing stagnant air known to be the cause of goggle fogging. Stagnant air is then channeled away using exhaust vents located on top of the helmet. The result is a venting system that allows your goggle and helmet to breath more efficiently.

  • M-R.A.S. Fit Sytem  :

    The Micro Rotary Adjustment System (M-R.A.S) offers unparalleled adjustment, comfort, and stability. Using an automatic lock system, the helmet is held securely in place. The M-R.A.S Fit System is built on a flexible structure providing added comfort when fitted on the rider’s head.

  • Polycarbonate In Mold structure  :

    During the In-Mold process, the impact absorbtion foam is injected directly on the polycarbonate of the shell, for an ultralight helmet. Less volume and less weight means more comfort than traditional helmets.


  • Size adjustment
  • Adjustable venting

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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)