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Helmet Fly Solid Color Flat Black


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Helmet TSG Fly Solid Color Flat Black

Combining clean skate design with inmold technology the Fly is one of the lightest winter helmets on the market. At 370 g/13 oz this featherweight is jam-packed with technical features. TSG's Snug Fit slim profile is anatomically correct making the Fly unobtrusive whilst providing maximum head protection. 

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TSG Fly Solid Color Flat Black
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Specs Helmet TSG Fly Solid Color Flat Black
Year 2015

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• EPS Impact Foam

• In-Mold Shell

• 14 Screened Aero-dynamic vents

• Snug Fit

• Tuned Fit System

• Low Fit
Weight (g)

Manufacturer info :


  • 14 Screened Aero-dynamic vents
  • In-Mold Shell  :

    In-Mold construction fuses a very thin but tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet's impact-absorbing foam liner, resulting in an incomparravle weight reduction caused by a much thinner shell, In-Mold construction allows us to build classical half-shell helmets as light weighted as road cycling helmets. The fusing process and the thinner outer shell result in slim helmet designs.

  • Low Fit  :

    A helmet can only protect what it covers. The more it covers without blocking vision and action the better is the protection. Our Low Fit design sits as low as possible for superior front, back and side head protection but is anatomically designed that it doesn't restrict your action.

    TSG helmets with Low Fit safely cover the delicate area around your temples and most important the atlas, the highest point of your spinal column. 

  • EPS Impact Foam  :

    EPS features the constitutional properties of a cell. This lightweight impact foam combines high stability with great flexibility and thus offers good penetration resistance and energy distribution properties. EPS foam liners are the industry standard for action sports.

  • Snug Fit  :

    TSG Snug Fit turns our helmets into the most comfortable and best fitting half-shell helmets on the market. This has to do with our custom helmet form that is not just one of those regular bulky molds but is anatomically designed all-around your head. Most helmets come with side parts that run down straight from a bulky top, ignoring your head's curved anatomy. The sides of our Snug Fit helmets curve around the temples a lilttle more than usual, respecting your head shape, to optimize fit, protection and aesthetic. Additionally it shows great effects on the shape, as the helmet is less voluminous as common half-shell helmets.

  • Tuned Fit System  :

    The Tuned Fit System allows you to dial in your fit using different thickness comfort pads on the interior of the helmet. Your helmet comes with two sizes of comfort pads. Just pull the hook and loop-backed pads out and swap them for the thickness you need


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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)