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Mounted longboard Voodoo Jivaro Red


View detailed description Mounted longboard, Mindless 2014

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Mounted longboard Mindless Voodoo Jivaro Red

Cruiser Concave Pintail Mindless. 




- Size : 85,9 x 24,1 cm (33,85" x 9,5") 

- Shape : Concave Pintail  

- Construction : 7 ply 100% Canadian Maple Hydraulically  

- Trucks : 7" Talisman with 87A bushings 

- Wheels Mindless Haraka 66x51mm 78A 

- High precision bearings 

Product Name
Mindless Voodoo Jivaro Red
Product price
£87.10  instead of  £145.20
Specs Mounted longboard Mindless Voodoo Jivaro Red
Year 2014

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Longboard type
• Cruising

• Carving

Manufacturer info :

Longboard type

  • Cruising  :

    You enjoy riding, it's as simple as that. Whether it's a warm summer evening or a sunny winter day, you take your board and cruise the roads at low to moderate speed. In town, you probably want a small cruiser, more agile which can be convenient to avoid unexpected obstacles. On wider roads, you will prefer longer boards, more stable. In all cases, wheels will be soft for a smoother ride.

  • Carving  :

    Pick a road that is rather steep and ride downhill by linking turns. You'll get a similar feel as on a surfboard or a snowboard. Depending on your tastes, you can go for a deck that is more or less flexible. Stiff for more reactivity, soft for more comfort. Get soft wheels in order to absorb vibrations.  


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