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Learn the classic technique on video

The classic technique is the easiest way to discover the joys of nordic skiing. This technique, similar to walking, allows beginners to get into cross-country skiing easily. But if the classic technique is easy at low speed, it is different when the pace gets faster. Your gestures need to be perfectly synchronized to be effective. Check out our Simon Fourcade Nordic video tutorials and learn how to master every classic technique.

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Video Tutorial Diagonal Stride in cross-country skiing

The One Step

The One Step: a technique very useful on flat sections or gentle uphills, it is a combination of the diagonal stride and the double poling techniques:

The Diagonal Stride

The Diagonal Stride: this classic technique is commonly used on uphill sections

The Diagonal Stride Without Poles

The Diagonal Stride Without Poles is a great training exercise for improving your position and balance on low-gradient climbs.

Diagonal Stride With One Pole

The Diagonal Stride With One Pole is an exercise that helps you working on your abdominal and back muscles and on the precision of your gestures.

The Double Poling

The Double Poling is a technique developped for long distance runs on flat sections.

The Diagonal V Stride

The Diagonal V Stride or alternative stride is useful when you lack of grip on steet uphill sections.

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