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Nordic Ski S-Bound 98 Crown


View detailed description Nordic Ski, Fischer 2017

A ski from the hybrid program providing the perfect answer to the versatility demanded by today’s skiers, the S Bound 98 Crown allows the skier to tackle all mountainous valleys with ease.

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Nordic Ski Fischer S-Bound 98 Crown

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A little wider than traditional skis, the S-Bound 98 Crown will spark your interest from the first moment that you decide you want to descend on Telemark skis. Its more generous dimension lines help you to feel more at ease as you ski down. 

What are the characteristics of the Fischer S Bound 98 Crown backcountry ski? 

In keeping with current trends, the S Bound 98 represents the new generation of backcountry skis. As it is wider, it boasts a greater load-bearing capacity on deep snow, whether fresh or wet, and this is thanks to the ‘rocker’ (provided by a longer and more gradual tip). Its significant width doesn’t allow for the same performance as a narrower and straighter ski but, nevertheless, it will make it easier to turn thanks to the parabolic dimension lines. When it comes to grip, the fish scaled area on the base is long helping you to manoeuver easily provided that the slope is not too steep. If, for whatever reason, the fish scales are no longer enough you will need to move on to sealskin and, thanks to the Easy Skin system, you can buy the skins and attach them directly onto the ski over the scales with a simple clip. This ski offers you new opportunities when going down the biggest valleys but without losing the sense of being on a backcountry ski. 

Who is the Fischer S Bound 98 Crown backcountry ski for? 

Although it does facilitate the downhill sections, it is still important to stress that you should not use this ski anywhere without at least some experience in backcountry skiing or even Telemark. This ski is therefore designed for regular participants in this sport who wish to take their downhill Telemark skiing to the next level without compromising on versatility. This is the new multipurpose range of backcountry skis, the master-key to excellence which aims to make this task easier regardless of terrain and without reaching excessive speed on both in transit and on the flat. 

What are the main benefits of the S Bound 98 Crown backcountry ski? 



Easy Skin System 

Product Name
Fischer S-Bound 98 Crown
Product price
Specs Nordic Ski Fischer S-Bound 98 Crown
Year 2017
Sizes 189




• Sporty
Nordic Category
• Nordic backcountry
Structure - Construction
• Nordic Rocker Camber

• Steel Edge

• Offtrack Crown & Easy Skin

• Air Channel

• Rental Tail Protector

• Speed Grinding
Ski sidecuts
SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)
Weight of the pair in grams
2490g en taille 179

Manufacturer info :


  • Sporty

Nordic Category

  • Nordic backcountry

Structure - Construction

  • Air Channel
  • Rental Tail Protector
  • Speed Grinding
  • Nordic Rocker Camber
  • Steel Edge
  • Offtrack Crown & Easy Skin

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 2490g en taille 179


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Size grid :

Weight (kg)Size (cm)
45 - 55159 - 165
55 - 65165 - 170
65 - 75170 - 175
75 +179 - 195
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