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Nordic Ski Annum 78


View detailed description Nordic Ski, Madshus 2018

A wide and well-shaped ski whose design is clearly tailored to descents in backcountry skiing. The Annum 78 has been adapted for downhill Telemark skiing whilst still preserving the comfort levels of a gradual and smooth tip.

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Nordic Ski Madshus Annum 78

Ski sold without binding.

This is Madshus most popular ski, designed to absorb the slope and provide the most pleasurable experience possible in the downhill. Lovers of Telemark who want a more lightweight backcountry ski, this one’s for you. 

What are the characteristics of the Madshus Annum 78 backcountry ski? 

With dimensions such as these clearly demonstrating its dedication to downhill and Telemark, the Annum is one of those skis which we all love to have with us on a slope covered in fresh snow. Its gradual tip gives off a fantastic sensation as you enter into the turns and the uniformity of its Multicore framework helps the ski to maintain its lateral rigidity without falling behind on more firm snow. A perfect ski for shorter and more intense excursions when you will fly all the way down the slopes up to the ascension to make the most of the descent. Its grip is just as impressive as what you will find on the narrower models due to the fact that the fish scale system is identical, however, it is imperative that a ski of this type has a pair of sealskins, preferably alpine ones, to be able to live up to its full potential. When it comes to bindings, this ski gets straight to the point; 75mm cable-fixings come as standard and this is all you need to take full advantage of it. 

Who is the Madshus Annum 78 backcountry ski for? 

Those who are passionate about Telemark and have the required technique or experienced backcountry skiers will clearly be able to benefit the most from this ski which, despite being relatively tolerant, has been designed specifically for descending and therefore demands a least some understanding of the Telemark technique. If this applies to you, you can be sure that this ski will be the perfect companion on your winter excursions. Admittedly, on flatter ground you will not be breaking any speed records, but you will be armed with one of the best possible descents in backcountry skiing. 

What are the main benefits of the Madshus Annum 78 backcountry ski? 

Stability when descending 

Good grip when descending on firm snow 

Effective scale system 

Product Name
Madshus Annum 78
Product price
£196.50  instead of  £280.72
Specs Nordic Ski Madshus Annum 78
Year 2018
Sizes 185 - 195




• Sporty
Nordic Category
• Nordic backcountry
Structure - Construction
• Mulicore

• Omnitrack
Weight of the pair in grams
2622g en taille 185

Manufacturer info :


  • Sporty

Nordic Category

  • Nordic backcountry

Structure - Construction

  • Omnitrack  :

    Engineered with five zones, the Omnitrak® base uses round, spaced scales in transition zones for a smoother, more efficient glide and sharp, tight scales underfoot for maximum grip.

  • Mulicore  :

    Multicore is a highly durable Madshus wood core laminated together to enhance the camber lifetime of the ski. Multicore gives extra strength and liveliness to the ski, and it is shaped to fit the ski profile, minimizing the excess use of glue in the ski's production.

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 2622g en taille 185


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Size grid :

Weight (kg)Size (cm)
45 - 55159 - 165
55 - 65165 - 170
65 - 75170 - 175
75 +179 - 195
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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)