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Nordic Ski Epoch 68


View detailed description Nordic Ski, Madshus 2018

Located right in the middle of the Madshus range, today the Epoch 68 is one of the most versatile skis for use on all terrains with remarkable comfort in descent.

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Nordic Ski Madshus Epoch 68

Ski sold without binding.

We are coming onto a particularly popular category with this Epoch 68, since it is considered to be one of the most effective skis for taking on steep slopes without limiting activity on flats in any way. 

What are the features of the Madshus Epoch 68 backcountry ski? 

With generous sidecuts and a very progressive tip, there is no doubt that it will satisfy your desire for outings in natural environments even on steep slopes. Of course, that will necessitate the use of climbing skins if you want to go up alpine slopes, since the Omnitrack grip system, although it performs well on gentle slopes, will not be enough to take on steep slopes. For descents, the tip ensures a gentle and homogenous entry into turns and the rigidity of the multicore structure combined with the 3D base promises great grip on hard snow. To get the most out of it, it goes without saying that the cable binding should be done with 75 mm norm bindings, since without this, control in descents will be markedly worse. 

Who is the Madshus Epoch 68 backcountry ski aimed at? 

Thanks to its versatility, it allows for almost unlimited uses. You will be able to set off on tours for several days, or even use it for short outings with the delights of downhill skiing on the cards. For beginners who are not yet fully at ease downhill, it will help you to make your first turns thanks to its soft and progressive tip, which, thanks to its size, will bite into the snow very quickly as soon as you apply weight. The more experienced among you will also notice that its sidecuts are perfect to satisfy all your cravings for adventure. 

What are the main qualities of the Madshus Epoch 68 backcountry ski? 


Stability on the downhill 

Grip system and consistent scales    

Product Name
Madshus Epoch 68
Product price
£196.50  instead of  £280.72
Specs Nordic Ski Madshus Epoch 68
Year 2018

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• Sporty
Nordic Category
• Nordic backcountry
Structure - Construction
• Mulicore

• Omnitrack
Weight of the pair in grams
2530g en taille 185

Manufacturer info :


  • Sporty

Nordic Category

  • Nordic backcountry

Structure - Construction

  • Omnitrack  :

    Engineered with five zones, the Omnitrak® base uses round, spaced scales in transition zones for a smoother, more efficient glide and sharp, tight scales underfoot for maximum grip.

  • Mulicore  :

    Multicore is a highly durable Madshus wood core laminated together to enhance the camber lifetime of the ski. Multicore gives extra strength and liveliness to the ski, and it is shaped to fit the ski profile, minimizing the excess use of glue in the ski's production.

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 2530g en taille 185


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Size grid :

Weight (kg)Size (cm)
45 - 55159 - 165
55 - 65165 - 170
65 - 75170 - 175
75 +179 - 195
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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)