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Nordic Ski BC 70 Positrack


View detailed description Nordic Ski, Rossignol 2018

A ski built with the idea of the ideal compromise in mind, the BC 70 Positrack is at home on all terrains devoted to “traditional” backcountry skiing and allows a few fancies in the process.

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Nordic Ski Rossignol BC 70 Positrack

Ski sold without binding.

Perfectly adapted to varied uses, the narrowest of our Rossignol backcountry skiing range is an excellent product to begin practice on flat to hilly terrains with. 

What are the features of the Rossignol BC 70 Positrack cross-country ski? 

Slender enough to maintain good efficiency on the flat or crossing plateaux, its sidecuts nonetheless allow you to savour the first joys of the descent with ease. Just as at home on the flat as on small descents, it will be particularly pleasant to ski during lovely long tours or outings on terrains that are not very uneven. Even though it is completely at home on ascents, it has to be said that skis with larger tips will make edge grip easier when Telemark skiing. However, it should be emphasised that it enjoys great versatility and that it will be perfectly equal to fulfilling the needs of a great number of backcountry skiers. The thermos-embossed Positrack scales system ensures a highly satisfactory grip to glide ratio and, thanks to its measured sidecuts, it is easy to fit straight skins to for the most difficult slopes. 

Who is the Rossignol BC 70 Positrack backcountry ski aimed at? 

It offers a very wide range of uses and a great versatility for skiers who are looking for an all-purpose ski that is still compact and slender. Even though it is much larger and more marked than a purely traditional ski, it offers a very interesting compromise on all levels: be it flats, turns, crossings, or descents, it is capable of taking on all these parameters successfully as long as you stay within the domains of backcountry skiing. As we already mentioned, other skis will definitely be better adapted to Telemark skiing, but will be less pleasant to take on less steep slopes, while this one will be at home pretty much everywhere. 

What are the main qualities of the Rossignol BC 70 Positrack backcountry ski? 




Product Name
Rossignol BC 70 Positrack
Product price
£135.40  instead of  £193.51
Specs Nordic Ski Rossignol BC 70 Positrack
Year 2018

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• Leisure
Nordic Category
• Nordic backcountry
Structure - Construction
• Activ'Cap

• LDC core

• AR Positrack waxless pattern
Weight of the pair in grams
1740g en taille 180

Manufacturer info :


  • Leisure

Nordic Category

  • Nordic backcountry

Structure - Construction

  • Activ'Cap  :


    This construction radically changes the way the ski behaves by combining the characteristics of 2 materials. 


    • Very flexible - influences the flexiblity of the whole ski

    • More freedom of movement at tip and tail

    • Tip and tail float and flide freely over uneven terrain. It's the 'snake effect'

    • Torsional rigidity

    • Enhanced directional stability

  • LDC core  :

    Lighter structure

  • AR Positrack waxless pattern  : Thermoformed waxless pattern delivering very pleasant glide and excellent grip.

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 1740g en taille 180


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Size grid :

Weight (kg)Size (cm)
45 - 55159 - 165
55 - 65165 - 170
65 - 75170 - 175
75 +179 - 195
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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)
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