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Package RCS Skate Plus Stiff NIS


Nordic binding SNS Pilot Carbon RS 2

Salomon flake
View detailed description Nordic ski package, Fischer 2017

The RCS Skate Plus Stiff NIS is a true emblem of the Fischer brand. Its name is synonymous with the excellent know-how of Austrian technicians. Smooth, stable and dynamique it is an excellent ski to improve.

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Nordic Ski Fischer RCS Skate Plus Stiff NIS

History's best known skating ski has endured for years and has evolved by giving way to the Speedmax and Carbonlite. Currently the third most popular ski from the Fischer range, it still remains an excellent choice.

What are the characteristics of the Fischer RCS Skate Plus Stiff cross-country ski?

Smooth and stable, featuring a versatile base, the RCE is an excellent ski to improve your technical skills whilst still benefiting from extraordinary gliding quality. Now equipped with Hole hollow tips, its balance when skating is even more stable and the tip does not drag when the ski is brought back. Thanks to the this stability, it is easier to extend the gliding phases and therefore conserve your energy. Although it may appear outdated in comparison with the Speedmax and the Carbonlite, its recent developments have brought it up to date, without faltering on the performance that we already know and love. The stiff ‘Rigid’ camber allows for easier skating on compact snow. The Plus base offers a versatile glide, on mixed snow and in temperatures ranging from -5 and +5°c.

Who is the Fischer RCD Skate Plus Stiff cross-country ski for?

If you are a skier currently developing your technique and hope to take part in long excursions or perhaps your first race, the RCS is the perfect ski for you. It will help you gently improve, and, most important of all, to get to know how to position yourself on your skis. The new Hole tip is even more effective at balancing the ski and produces an extremely quick release of the tip during the lateral thrusts. A logical choice for many skiers.

What are the main benefits of the Fischer RCS Skate Plus Stiff cross-country ski?


Product Name
Fischer RCS Skate Plus Stiff NIS
Product price
£224.20  instead of  £320.31
Specs Nordic Ski Fischer RCS Skate Plus Stiff NIS
Year 2017

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• Sporty
Nordic Category
• Skating
Structure - Construction
• Skating 115

• DTG World Cup Plus

• Hole Ski Tip

• World Cup Plus Base

• Sidecut World Cup Skate

• Power Edge

• Precision Pairing System

• Prewaxed

• Finish First
Weight of the pair in grams
1080g en taille 187cm

Manufacturer info :


  • Sporty

Nordic Category

  • Skating

Structure - Construction

  • DTG World Cup Plus  :

    Deeper and coarser Plus structure, ideal for warm and moist conditions. Produced using natural diamond.

  • Finish First  :

    The finishing touch now comes from Finish First: the term that covers and unites all the individual technological steps in the course of the final treatment of the base.

  • Hole Ski Tip  :

    Skating construction with HM carbon laminates to reduce ski tip mass. Requires less effort thanks to reduced pendulum action.

  • Power Edge  :

    Reinforced ski chassis ensures longer service life. Homogeneous pressure distribution ensures uniform wax wear.

  • Precision Pairing System  :

    The next generation in ski pairing: fully automatic dynamic measurements of a multitude of pairing criteria ensures precise ski choice and optimised pairing.

  • Prewaxed  :

    Infrared preparation of the base with hot fluorinated wax. Great glide properties, protects from dirt and oxydation. Powered by Swix.

  • Sidecut World Cup Skate  :

    Arrow-shaped sidecut for improved performance and dynamics especially for the 1:1 skating technique. 

  • Skating 115  :

    Special camber and snow contact points further apart from each other mean increased stability and a more powerful kick action on hard snow.

  • World Cup Plus Base  :

    World Cup Plus Base for conditions between +5 and -5°C

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 1080g en taille 187cm


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Nordic binding Salomon SNS Pilot Carbon RS 2

Product Name
Salomon SNS Pilot Carbon RS 2
Product price
£53.40  instead of  £66.75
Specs Nordic binding Salomon SNS Pilot Carbon RS 2
Year 2018




• SNS Pilot
Nordic Category
• Skating

Manufacturer info :


  • SNS Pilot


  • SNS Pilot
  • SNS guidance
  • Carbon Race Lever
  • 254g per pair
  • Flex 115
  • Axis height
  • Pilot 2 axis

Nordic Category

  • Skating

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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)
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