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The Salomon Carbon Skate Lab Red is ultra effective on the dirty snow found at the end of the season. Its grey base optimises the glide and limits the dirt build up on thick snow.

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Nordic Ski Salomon Carbon Skate Lab Red

Derived from the multipurpose version, the Red is the version designed for warmer and dirty snow, the minim Zeolite G5 base reduces the dirt build up and helps to maintain the glide despite the dirt in the snow. 

What are the characteristics of the Salomon Carbon Skate Lab Red cross-country ski? 

This ski has a higher and shorter camber than the multipurpose range so that it is able to adapt to the demands of warmer sluggish snow where it is best to reduce friction. With skating ability that is more adapted to wet snow, the Carbon Skate Lab Red is a distinctive but very useful ski when the snow transforms. The reactivity of the ski remains intact thanks to the coating of carbon around the Nomex core, which perfectly restores the force of the thrust. When it comes to the glide, if you stay in its ideal area, you will be nothing but stunned by its performance. It is just as exceptional as the Carbon Skate Lab; this version is simply designed for other conditions. 

Who is the Salomon Carbon Skate Lab Red cross-country ski for? 

Skiing athletes, regular skiers and competitors, a pair of skis like the Carbon Skate Lab Red are a must-have for your collection. Those who ski after midday will also find that it is particularly advantageous to go out on this type of ski with a minim base and a camber that has been adapted to dirtied snow. Furthermore, and this must be stressed, a ski that is so light and so well balanced will be a real delight to use on wet, thick snow that tends to cover the ski and submerge the tip. If you are looking for a versatile pair of skis, don’t look any further than this ski. 

What are the main benefits of the Salomon Carbon Skate Lab cross-country ski? 

Gliding on wet snow 


Balance of the ski 

Stability when skating 

Product Name
Salomon Carbon Skate Lab Red
Product price
£422.30  instead of  £527.91
Specs Nordic Ski Salomon Carbon Skate Lab Red
Year 2017
Sizes 182 - 187




• Race Expert
Nordic Category
• Skating
Structure - Construction
• Cold Snow Worldcup finish

• DGM - Digital Grinding Measurement

• Propulsion

• Nomex core

• Agility

• D2FC Digital Dynamic Flex Control

• Effortless glide

• Protection coating

• 587 Balanced Camber

• Thin Ply Carbon
Weight of the pair in grams

Manufacturer info :


  • Race Expert

Nordic Category

  • Skating

Structure - Construction

  • Thin Ply Carbon  : A thin layer of carbon fibre has been weaved on a 45° angle to reduce the weight and increase the torsion resistance, the hold, the acceleration and the stability.
  • DGM - Digital Grinding Measurement  :

    Salomon's most precise stone grinding and digital measurement ensure the optimum structure and depth for better performance on every condition. 

  • Nomex core  :

    Ultra-light composite honeycomb core, combined with carbon, fiberglass wrap and thin wood sidewalls. Reduces weight and provides optimum consistency. 

  • D2FC Digital Dynamic Flex Control  :

    Digital control of the molding press enables generating the optimal flex and camber for specific performance on snow. D2FC ensures also perfect ski pairing. 

  • 587 Balanced Camber  :

    Specific adjustment for wet conditions. Shorter laminate layer to reduce the length of the glide zones, combined with open tip and tails maximise skier speed over wet snow by reducing the amount of suction in wet snow. 

  • Protection coating  :

    Base protection with Word Cup finish. Pre waxed + pre-brushed, anti scratch, anti oxydation + UV protection. Easy to use (no scraping). All you need to do is remove the protecting film and brush the ski again. 

  • Cold Snow Worldcup finish  :

    Superb stone finish for optimal performance in very cold conditions (below -5°C)

  • Effortless glide  :

    Carbon weave angled at 45° for added stability in the tracks. 

  • Propulsion  :

    100% carbon construction, enhanced reactivity. 

  • Agility  :

    Lighter and thinner tip and tail: 490g per ski in 192.

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 980g


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Nordic binding Salomon Prolink Carbon Sk2

Product Name
Salomon Prolink Carbon Sk2
Product price
£52.80  instead of  £66.00
Specs Nordic binding Salomon Prolink Carbon Sk2
Year 2018




• Prolink
Nordic Category
• Skating

Manufacturer info :


  • Prolink


  • 219g per Pair
  • Carbon guiding plate
  • Low Boot Binding Interface
  • Carbon Race Lever
  • Axis height 9mm
  • Flex 115
  • NNN Boots compliant
  • 2 Prolink guide ridges

Nordic Category

  • Skating

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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)
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