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Package Unité de Base Vario Classique + Poche


Set déclenchement Acier

View detailed description Pack ABS backpack + Triggering set, ABS 2016

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    • Pack Unité de Base ABS Vario Classique + Poche Hiver 2015

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Livraison Offerte

ABS Unité de Base Vario Classique + Poche

Needs a trigger kit (air cartridge) for use. Sold apart.  

The worst for a rider who's taken in an avalanche is to be buried under the snow. At the moment, there's only one system known capable of reducing this risk: the ABS bag or Airbag. How it works ? There's a handle located on the strap designed to trigger the cartridge whose, once pierced by a needle, liberates expansion gases inflating the 2 airbags. The additional 170 l of volume is inflated to help you stay on the surface. In scientific circles, this phenomenon is also known as inverse segregation and is often referred to as the "Brazil nut effect". 

The Vario Unit Base is a light base with a small volume. Perfectly adapted to the needs of freeriders, the Unit Base with the TwinBag ABS system is compact, thin, light and TÜV patented. 

The S size is recommended for a back length under 49cm (from hip to shoulder), usually skiers smaller than 5"7.  

The L size is recommended for a back length over 49cm (from hip to shoulder), usually skiers taller than 5"7. 


- Weight: 2.1Kg without the cartridge (280g carbon and 515g of steel). The steel cartridges are coming with the unit base. You can select carbon cartridges as an option. 

-ABS Twinbag 170L (2x85L), light and strong, protect you from hips to head without reducing your visual field or your mobility. 

- Each base unit comes with a cover and offers enough room to store a probe and a shovel 

- Chest strap with a progressive height adjustment 

- Hip strap made of soft elastic neoprene, for added comfort in sitting position.   

- Leg strap 

- The whole ABS system (shoulder straps, chest strap, hip strap, leg strap) is in accordance with the norms TÜV, and designed for extreme conditions (EPI 89/686 CEE) 

Here's a link to the user guide: 

Product Name
ABS Unité de Base Vario Classique + Poche
Product price
Specs Airbag ABS Unité de Base Vario Classique + Poche
Year 2016
Sizes L





ABS Set déclenchement Acier

Full trigger kit including handle and steel bottle 




Steel bottle :  

- Weight when filled : 515g 

- High quality steel 

- Meets EG norms 

- Works with any ABS bags with dual airbags. 


Classic ABS handle: 

- Individual trigger only 

Product Name
ABS Set déclenchement Acier
Product price
Specs Activation Set ABS Set déclenchement Acier
Year 2016




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