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Package AMP Velocity


Ski Binding M3 11.0 TC

View detailed description Pack ski, K2 2015

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Tactic Black Red

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Winter 2015
Intermediate - Advanced
Piste Performance
Size 179cm - Radius 15m

Alpine Ski K2 AMP Velocity

If the Velocity sells well, it's because it combines brilliantly power and forgiveness offering smooth and lively lines. The ski's highly reactive and snaps from a turn to another with ease. Designed specifically for piste skiing, the ski features a fir and poplar core enhancing responsiveness coupled with triax fiber and a Speed Rocker improving the ski's manoeuverability. In the end you get an agile piste slayer that can ride fast easily and that won't wear yourself out after a few runs.  


What our testers say : And again a top spot contender and a team's favourite. The Velocity has it all. It's easy to ski on piste, its 72mm waist and the medium 15m radius make it versatile and agile, allowing you to ride any slope with ease. It grips hard and feels stable at any speed without being demanding on your legs. It's an excellent choice for technical skiers who wish to ski a little harder and more often.  

Product Name
K2 AMP Velocity
Product price
£189.10  instead of  £343.96
Specs Alpine Ski K2 AMP Velocity
Year 2015
Sizes 172




• Intermediate - Advanced
Ski category
• Piste.Performance
Specific abilities
• Performance
Chants droits Hybritech / Speed RoX
Bois (Sapin + Peuplier)
Tip Yes
Tail No
Ski Camber
• Classic
Type of turns
• Short turns
• Directional (front tip)
Weight of the pair in grams
3990gr en 165cm

Manufacturer info :

Type of turns

  • Short turns


  • Directional (front tip)  :

    The ski shape allows only a directional use.

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 3990gr en 165cm

Structure - Construction

  • Carbon Web  :

    The Mod structure is wrapped by carbon fiber. The carbon stringers are oriented with a precise angle in order to increase resistance to torsion on the secondary core. That delivers a lighter ski that will stay solid against torsion where it's needed.

  • Hybritech sidewalls  :

    This wider-waisted construction combines the accuracy and power performance of sidewall underfoot with the lightweight and smooth turn initiation of cap construction. Offered exclusively on the Side series, Hybritech makes skis strong, accurate and powerful underfoot, while maintaining smooth initiation and easy exits from turns.

  • Fir/Poplar core  :

    K2's Adventure skis use an Aspen/Paulownia blend core. Lower-density Aspen and even lighter-weight Paulownia allow us to reduce the weight that results from the added surface area of wider skis. In addition, the Bio Core is 15% lighter than the fir/aspen blend traditional in our all-mountain skis.

  • RoX Technology  :

    Until the RoX, high performance skis designed for hard snow were very stiff and sturdy, to ensure an optimum edge grip. The stiffness prevented the ski from being forgiving and made it difficult to initiate turns.

    By focusing on Speed Rocker benefits combined to specific MOD geometries and Carbon Web position, K2 created the RoX technology, the new standard for their skis designed for hard snow. It provides an incredible edge hold while turns are much easier to initiate.

  • Men's specific mod structure  :

    The shape of the secondary elastomeric core has been sculpted to distribute mass in ways that ensure the smoothest ride. Overall the MOD is thickest toward the center of the ski to insulate the skier from vibrations and tapers toward the tip and tail to minimize swing weight making the skis easier to maneuver. The optimum location and thickness of mass differs from men to women reflected in the different MOD shapes for our A.M.P. and T:Nine series of skis. The men's MOD structure distributes the mass of the secondary core increasing torsional rigidity through its X shape MOD design and perimeter mass for increased edge hold.

  • Triaxial braiding  :

    Triaxial braiding consists of braiding fiberglass around a wood core to provide torsional rigidity for added control. Developed in 1988 by K2 engineers, the patented triaxial braiding machine interlocks strands of fiberglass around a milled wood core. This unique method produces skis with great torsional strength, that maintains the lively flex patterns of the wood core.

Camber type

  • Classic camber  :

    When the ski sits flat on the ground, the tip and the tail are in contact with it while the midsection rises above. It is this section that maximises the energy transmission towards the edge, ideal for piste skiing. It also provides a rebound which enhances energy return and pop.


  • Speed Rocker  :

    This slightly elevated tip and increased tip length provides effortless initiation and flawless transitions, while camber along the rest of the running surface delivers precision, power, and edge-hold.

    Simply put, Speed Rocker offers high performance precision and edge hold on firm snow.

Rocker type

  • Tip rocker  :

    Skis are more manoeuvrable, contact points on the skis are placed in order to reduce the effective running length, which allows easier pivot and a better float.


  • Plaque M3  :

    The Marker K2/M3 is the ultimate ski/plate/binding system designed for recreational skiers alike. The binding utilizes an Compact Toe and a fixed Compact2 Heel design to generate more power, precision and quickness underfoot, loosing 20% of weight compared to the previous model. The Marker K2/M3 system's sleek design is graphically integrated into the look of the A.M.P. Series skis.


  • Tip protector  :

    Carbon reinforcement increasing the reactivity and the stiffness in torsion without compromising the weight of the ski.


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Ski Binding K2 M3 11.0 TC

K2/M3 system is the ultimate ski/plate/binding system designed for recreational skiers. It features the new Compact Toe and a fixed Compact2 heel piece for more power, more precision and more speed, and 20% lighter compared to the previous version. Th design of the K2/M3 features the look and the graphics of the A.M.P.Series. 

Its lightweight makes it a super reliable binding. Simple and efficient, you'll ski with confidence and progress quickly.   

Product Name
K2 M3 11.0 TC
Product price
£75.60  instead of  £137.60
Specs Ski Binding K2 M3 11.0 TC
Year 2015




Binding category
• Relax
Release value (DIN)
Minimum 3
Maximum 11
Setting of the binding
Type Toe and heel pieces
Toe component height Automatic
Toe component width Automatic
Brakes width (mm)

Manufacturer info :


  • 3


  • 11

Weight (kg)

  • 1.97 la paire
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5.0 / 5

- Sunday 3 April 2016

Great ski. Made an average skier look good carving turns on all surfaces from hard early morning icy pistes to easter afternoon slush. Glisshop brilliant. Prompt delivery. Impressed. displays only reviews from customers who ordered the product on its website. This is to improve the relevance of the comments.

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