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Package Ski Luv 75 ERP


Ski Binding ER3 10 Black White Gold

View detailed description Pack ski, K2 2016

The Luv 75 ERP by K2 is a recreational all-mountain ski suited for women beginners. Forgiving and playful, it ensures the smoothest progression ever.

£278.77 VAT included
Winter 2016
Beginner - Intermediate
All-Mountain 70% Piste
Size 163cm - Radius 14m

Alpine Ski K2 Luv 75 ERP

Ladies, if you want to discover the joys of skiing and skipping the learning process, the Luv 75 ERP could very well be your new ski. Designed specifically for women, this all-mountain machine is the most forgiving and the easiest in the line. It is the definition of a recreational ski. Its composite core and its CAP construction deliver fluidity and lightweight. Add to it a catch free rocker signed by K2 and you get one of the most intuitive skis for optimal and effortless pleasure.  

What can the K2 Luv 75 ERP ski do?  

It is an entry-level recreational ski, with everything that implies. It is light and effortless. It's super easy to steer and it will boost the confidence of all beginning skiers. You can forget about technical mistakes, it's hard to catch an edge and easy to link two turns. The rockers make turns super smooth and natural. Just lean on a side and the ski will enter the turn easily and it will exit with a soft and loose feel. From low to moderate speed, you can rely on a solid edge control and an enjoyable stability. The traditional camber gives the ski enough character while the soft flex makes it undemanding. You can ski for hours and keep your legs fresh. It's ideal for improving your technique and make it to the next level.  

Who is the K2 Luv 75 ERP designed for? 

It is the perfect women-specific recreational ski. Beginners and intermediates looking for something fun and easy to use will be happy with it. The ski feels super light and incredibly nimble and it's got an excellent value for money. Highly recommended.  

What are the main assets of the K2 Luv 75 ERP?  



Product Name
K2 Luv 75 ERP
Product price
Specs Alpine Ski K2 Luv 75 ERP
Year 2016

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• Beginner - Intermediate
Ski category
• All-Mountain.70% Piste
Specific abilities
• Women specific
Tip Yes
Tail Yes
Ski Camber
• Classic
Type of turns
• Multi-turns
• Directional (front tip)
Weight of the pair in grams

Manufacturer info :

Type of turns

  • Multi-turns


  • Directional (front tip)  :

    The ski shape allows only a directional use.

Structure - Construction

  • Cap Construction  :

    Durable and lightweight cap skis are built by a sophisticated molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials with the top layer of the ski. Used throughout our ski line, cap constructions can be assembled with a variety of different cores. These variations, such as glass and/or metal materials, are the determining factors of the skis performance.

  • Composite core  :

    high quality core made of composite materials. Very secure and forgiving.

  • Torsion Box Technology  :

    Torsion Box construction is the foundation for the widest range of skis designed by K2. Depending on the dimensions of a ski, and the amount of flex and torsion designed into it, one model of a Torsion Box ski can differ greatly from another. The versatility in the construction enables us to build everything from entry-level through expert skis. While there will be significant differences between a DarkSide and a MissConduct, they do share the common traits of ease, forgiveness, responsiveness, and energy that can be found in all Torsion Box skis.

Camber type

  • Classic camber  :

    When the ski sits flat on the ground, the tip and the tail are in contact with it while the midsection rises above. It is this section that maximises the energy transmission towards the edge, ideal for piste skiing. It also provides a rebound which enhances energy return and pop.


  • Catch Free Rocker  :

    Designed to give confidence to beginner skiers by providing more control and easiness. The tip and tail are both raised which makes turn initiations easier at low speed, and increase stability and control.

Rocker type

  • Tip and tail rocker  :

    Full length rocker perfect for surfing powder. It floats easily and ensures smooth and effortless turns. Landings are easier too.


  • Marker K2/ERP System  :

    The Marker K2/ERP (Energy Response Plate) is designed for advanced and recreational skiers alike. The ERP is also shorter and less stiff than the men’s system, allowing the ski flex to be smoother and reducing the weight by more than a half pound. This system utilizes either a 10.0 Q binding for performance or a Two-Linkage Toe and a fixed Compact2 Heel design for a lighter weight alternative that still provides precision and quickness underfoot.


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Ski Binding K2 ER3 10 Black White Gold

High performance system for women. The system K2/ER3 (Energy Response Plate) is a ski/plate/binding system designed for expert women skiers as well as recreational skiers. The ER3 is also shorter and softer the the ERP for men, which makes the ski softer and 500g lighter. It features a new 2-point toe piece, 20% lighter and a fixed Compact2 heel piece for more power, precision and speed. 


As reliable and efficient as the men's version, it's adapted to women specific shapes. With a softer plate and more lightweight, it's easy to get a feel for! 

Product Name
K2 ER3 10 Black White Gold
Product price
Specs Ski Binding K2 ER3 10 Black White Gold
Year 2016




Binding category
• Relax
Release value (DIN)
Minimum 2.5
Maximum 10
Setting of the binding
Type Toe and heel pieces
Toe component height Automatic
Toe component width Automatic
Brakes width (mm)

Manufacturer info :


  • 2.5


  • 10

Weight (kg)

  • 1.49

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