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Package Ski NFX


Ski Binding Squire 11 90mm Red

View detailed description Pack ski, Salomon 2017

The Salomon NFX is a fast and powerful freestyle ski. Its Pulse Pad Pro absorbs shocks and smoothes the landings while its Jib Tech sole offers speed and acceleration. Just insane!

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Winter 2017
Advanced - Expert
Freestyle Park
Size 176cm - Radius 17.2m

Alpine Ski Salomon NFX

Salomon had no choice but to carry over its famous NFX, the brand freestyle standard ski. Shaped for pros seeking podiums and medals, it gets on board all the latest technologies to push the limits even further. Among several, the Pulse Pad Pro: rubber layers underfoot and at the ends of the ski to absorb shocks and unwanted vibrations. The Jib Tech sole is a competition sole especially developped for a freestyle intensive use; reinforced all along the edges,  this sole is harder than a regular one and offers a better glide. 

What can the Salomon NFX ski do? 

Jump for the park to the pipe, send insane tricks on massive kickers, here is the purpose of the NFX, Salomon’s ultimate freestyle weapon. With its competition sole you will gun down the pipe and put yourself into orbit on every jumps. You just have to send a big double flatspin 900 or a double cork 1260 to set the tone. The NFX is incredibly lively and you will land crazy tricks on any park features with surgical accuracy. Enjoy big air bag sessions to master your favorite tricks and play with your gravity center. You will then send your new tricks in the park and land them all like pros. This demanding pro model won’t be too comfortable on slopes nor on really hard snow. 

Who is the Salomon NFX ski designed for? 

This supercharged freestyle ski is only for demanding and technical athletes. We advise the NFX to all confirmed to expert skiers seeking to play with the zero gravity and in need for adrenaline rushes in every park sessions. 

What are the main assets of the Salomon NFX  ski? 




Note: the sale of this item implies a personalisation of the product (drilling the skis). The right of cancellation cannot be exercised on these products, according to the Article L121-20-2 of the French Consumer Code. No refund or exchange will be accepted.

Product Name
Salomon NFX
Product price
Specs Alpine Ski Salomon NFX
Year 2017

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• Advanced - Expert
Ski category
• Freestyle.Park
Specific abilities
• None
Structure - Construction
Tip No
Tail No
Ski Camber
• Classic
Type of turns
• Multi-turns
• Bidirectional (twin tip)
Weight of the pair in grams
3680g en 176cm

Manufacturer info :

Type of turns

  • Multi-turns


  • Bidirectional (twin tip)  :

    The ski shape allows to ski forward or backward.

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 3680g en 176cm

Structure - Construction

  • Sandwich sidewalls  :

    Sandwich sidewalls for extraordinary smooth ski/snow contact and great terrain adaptation. A MUST for Park and Pipe and performance proven in the race Milieu! Laminated sandwich sidewall construction enables to combine appropriate material layers for targeted performance.

  • 100% wood core from tip to tail  :

    Provides optimum stability and powerful rebounce. Better contact ski/snow and reduces vibrations.

Camber type

  • Classic camber  :

    When the ski sits flat on the ground, the tip and the tail are in contact with it while the midsection rises above. It is this section that maximises the energy transmission towards the edge, ideal for piste skiing. It also provides a rebound which enhances energy return and pop.

Rocker type

  • No rocker


  • Thicker edges  :

    For a longer durability and stronger against impacts.

  • Pulse Pad Pro  :

    Two layers of rubber elaster surrounding the core of the ski at the tip, tail, and under the binding. Maximum shock absorption to soften landings on hard icy jumps in the terrain park, and also increase durability from the violent slapping of the tip and tail that occurs during landings. Extends the life of your body and your ski.

  • Total edge reinforcement  :

    A fiber reinforcement directly on the edges that provides edge stiffness for improved durability and grip.

  • Tip protector  :

    Carbon reinforcement increasing the reactivity and the stiffness in torsion without compromising the weight of the ski.

  • Jib Tech base  :

    Harder and more durable base materials are used aside the edges, with materials inserts enhancing the glide in critical areas.

    Lives longer, glides faster !


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Ski Binding Marker Squire 11 90mm Red

Designed for beginner freestylers and light skiers. The Triple Pivot Compact toe piece and the Hollow Linkage heel piece make the binding lighter, compact and strong. The height of the toe is adjustable for optimum performance even when the soles of your boots are worn. 

Product Name
Marker Squire 11 90mm Red
Product price
Specs Ski Binding Marker Squire 11 90mm Red
Year 2017




Binding category
• Freeski
Release value (DIN)
Minimum 3
Maximum 11
Setting of the binding
Type Heel piece
Toe component height Automatic
Toe component width Automatic
Brakes width (mm)

Manufacturer info :


  • 3


  • 11

Weight (kg)

  • 1.54 la paire

Binding technologies

  • Anti Friction Device AFD  :

    All Marker bindings are equipped with a moveable AFD (anti friction device) and therefore guarantee a highly precise release almost entirely unhindered by dirt, snow and ice! Individual adjustment of the AFD to the area of application ensures perfect functionality - from racing, for children’s bindings or on ski tours.

  • Hollow Linkage Heel  :

    The heel was also redesigned from the ground up to guarantee optimal retention for all types of alpine and touring soles. The aluminium hollow axle saves on weight and maximizes the torsional stiffness. This very robust heel construction is best suited for the most strenuous of requirements.

  • Triple Pivot Light  :

    The compact toe features a horizontally inserted spring. Together with the gliding plate the gliding elements integrated into the sole holders ensure a very precise release behaviour which is comparable to all other MARKER bindings. Why should touring skiers and freestylers accept any compromises? An aluminium bridge on the top provides additional support without adding any extra weight.


Choice helper :
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  • Will the bindings be mounted and set ?
  • Are the skis ready-to-use ?
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