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Package Telegraph


Snow Binding Diva Black Pink

View detailed description Pack snowboard, DC 2015

£554.23 VAT included
Saving: £243.63
Winter 2015
Advanced - Expert
Freestyle All-mountain
Waist width 231 mm
Size 148cm - Camber Classic

Snowboard DC Telegraph

Note: The actual colour of the board's base may be different than the one shown on the picture. Brands make them randomly.

Product Name
DC Telegraph
Product price
£193.10  instead of  £386.32
Specs Snowboard DC Telegraph
Year 2015

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• Advanced - Expert
Snowboard category
• Freestyle All-mountain
Snowboard detailed program
Snowboard criteria
Snowboard camber
• Classic
• 100% Twintip
• 4X2

Manufacturer info :


  • 100% Twintip


  • 4X2

Structure - Construction

  • Bi-Ax laminate  :

    Bi-ax laminates over and under the wood core include fibreglass layers aligned in two directions at 45 degrees to the edges. This creates an easy and forgiving flex, which allows you to really feel the terrain.

  • Camber Core  :

    By engineering a unique, arch-shaped profile into the wood core, the layers of fiberglass take on a completely new geometry, like that of a bridge. We've integrated this "arched fiberglass" shape into the anti-camber zone to give the boards more pop and added resistance when flexing the tip and tail. This also gives our anti-camber boards the stability of a traditional camber board.

  • Stratus Core  :

    DC's vertically laminated 100% poplar wood core is powerful, lightweight, and maintains good pop, whether in the steeps, park, or the streets.

Shape - Sidecuts

  • Radius 2Flat  :

    The flat surfaces at the tip and tail of the board provide lift in powder to keep you floating in the deepest snow, while the radius blends in perfectly with the sidecut to create effortless transitions from edge to edge.

Rocker - Camber

  • Micro Camber  :

    The board is flat through the center and has a +1.5mm of positive camber in the tip and tail. You get the feel and pop of a full camber board while maintaining the forgiveness and pow float of a flat board.


  • Fresh Deck TopSheet  :

    Fresh Deck Topsheets give DC boards that poppy feel you get from a new skate deck. The topsheets add a snap and life to the boards that you can only get out of natural wood. They may look pretty but these topsheet laminates are pure performance, with several seasons of testing behind the brand to prove it. The graphics are screened on the wood just like a skate deck, and the wood is then sealed to protect it from the elements, still keeping its natural feel.

  • Sintered Supreme Base


SizeWaist width (mm)

Snow Binding Rossignol Diva Black Pink

Ready to become famous? Cause the Diva is going to propel you on stage and under the spotlights. This little gem features a highback with a medium flex offring support and reactivity along with an enjoyable lateral mobility. The second you stap in you feel how comfortable the binding is. It features a 2.5° canting system enhancing ollie power and comfort with a more natural position. If you want to shine on the slopes, the Diva has you covered. 

What can the Rossignol Diva Black Pink do?   

It is a high performance binding. It wasn't designed to perform on one specific terrain but to excel everywhere on the mountain. You can carve at full speed on groomers or if conditions allow it you can shred the backcountry and lay slash turns on deep powder with a ridiculous ease. With the Diva, you can jump off cornices as easily as you'd ollie over a table top in the park. The binding delivers support and performance and makes sure you can fulfill your hard charging needs every day. The dampening system offers a smooth and stable ride that creates less fatigue regardless of the conditions.  

Who is the Rossignol Diva Black Pink designed for?   

Primarily intended for powerful women riders, the Diva is versatile and responsive as should be a high end binding. Storm in the park, surf the pow and rip the pistes, the Diva is not going to let you down.  

What are the main assets of the Rossignol Diva Black Pink?   

- Performance 

- Versatility 

- Precision 

Product Name
Rossignol Diva Black Pink
Product price
£117.50  instead of  £167.92
Specs Snow Binding Rossignol Diva Black Pink
Year 2017
Sizes SM (40 et -)




Entry System
• Classic
• FS All mountain
Inserts compatibility
Compatibility Burton 3D No
Compatibility Burton ICS No
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4 Yes
Baseplate stiffness
Highback Stiffness
Straps Stiffness
Various Complement

Manufacturer info :


  • FS All mountain


  • 2 years

Baseplate - Chassis

  • HC-X 33 baseplate  :

    • Lighter, stronger, better, faster. • Nylon® composite & fiberglass baseplate. • Adjustable 6082 T6 aluminum E.H.T. heelcup. • Tool free adjustable gas pedal. • Comes in 2 versions: • The HC-X18 includes a 18% glass fiber ratio and has a mid torsion resistance for more comfort. • The stiffer HC-X33 has a 33% glass fiber ratio and blends longer and shorter fibers for more punch.

  • Magnebed 2.5  :

    Full baseplate top in dual-density EVA :50 SH for reactivity, 40 SH at the heel for dampening. 2.5° of internal canting . Tool free Adjustable gas pedal. Magnet closure.


  • 3D Asymwrap  :

    Complete asymmetry (heigth, width and depth) for an incredible comfort and precision, especially when set in big stance.

    Anti-shock Nylon construction for its stiffness, flex and comfort.

  • Elasti-Back  :

    Enhances the flex and the contact feel between boot and binding

Straps - Buckles

  • Asymlight Lever  :

    Asymmetrical design. Molded aluminium for its great durability and its lightweight. Rapidfire bearings for a more natural opening.

  • Tallboy Strap  :

    Semi-full cover of the instep/ankle for more freedom. Compressed Super Foam coating for comfort. Hyrtel webbing for the hold. Convertible Toe strap.

Choice helper :
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  • Is my board ready-to-use ?
  • How to maintain your equipment ?
  • Are the bindings mounted on the board ?
  • How to set your bindings ?
  • What are the different types of camber?
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