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Snow Binding Cuda V1

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The Team snowboard by Nitro is an ultra versatile board with a traditional camber. It delivers high performance and consistency on all terrains and all snow conditions.

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    • Zero Not Black
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      M (38.5-43.5)
      Category :
      FS All mountain
      Entry :
    • Team Inferno
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      FR All mountain
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Winter 2017
Advanced - Expert
Freeride All-mountain
Waist width 252 mm
Size 159cm - Camber Classic

Snowboard Nitro Team

Note: The colour of the bases may be different from the picture displayed on the website, manufacturers combine colours randomly.

And here comes the Team. We have definitely lost the count of candles on its birthday cake, this board has been around for years and helped to set higher standards in the industry. It is one of the first boards ever released by Nitro and it is still as popular as it was on day 1. The brand continues bringing innovations and new technologies into the board, keeping it one of the most versatile boards ever. Available in two camber profiles, here it the camber version. 

What can the Nitro Team snowboard do? 

If you have never heard of the Team board, it’s time to catch up. More than an icon, the board is a true legend in the world of snowboarding. Ridden by many pros, the board is the symbol of ultimate versatility and freedom. Groomed snow, hard snow, icy, crust, crud, slush, fresh snow or deep pow, the Team has no limits. Its directional twin shape, all terrain flex and specific sidecuts make it float as if it was easy and provide it with great manoeuverability, if you have the legs. On the hardpack, the camber does the job and offers solid grip and stability with strong energy returns out of turns. You can ride hard and fast, on the steepest slopes you can find, the board likes it. It is also a great park blade and local riders will look at you in a strange way, make sure you’re ready for it. The camber coupled with the Reflex Core delivers tons of pop for jumping off the biggest kickers. And if it’s the backcountry that you like most, no worries. A fallen tree can easily turn nito a rail, or the roof of a chalet into a natural booter. Let your imagination do the job, you’ll see trick opportunities everywhere... 

Who is the Nitro Team snowboard designed for? 

It is a great choice for any rider from intermediate to advanced level looking for a versatile board that rides in any conditions. If you don’t know what to choose between freestyle, freeride or piste, go for the three and strap in the Team. The only thing is, there is no rocker on the board which can sometimes feel a bit demanding on powder. But if you have the technique or the speed, this shouldn’t slow you down. 

What are the main assets of the Nitro Team snowboard? 




Product Name
Nitro Team
Product price
£283.40  instead of  £404.91
Specs Snowboard Nitro Team
Year 2017
Sizes 155 - 157 - 157W




• Advanced - Expert
Snowboard category
• Freeride All-mountain
Snowboard detailed program
Snowboard criteria
Snowboard camber
• Classic
• Directional Twin
• 4X2

Manufacturer info :


  • Directional Twin


  • 4X2

Structure - Construction


    Bi-axial fiberglass for easy but snappy turns.

  • Powerlite Core  :

    Entirely made of poplar, for a lighter weight, a lot of pop and an optimum control.


    A thinner core profile between your feet improves torsional flex, handling and lets you steer your board throughout a turn with ease.

Shape - Sidecuts


    Makes landings and takeoffs effortless without sacrificing powerful turns.

  • Shape : Directional Twin

Rocker - Camber

  • TRÜE Camber  :

    TRÜE Camber is good old standard camber, which provides the stability, and pop many shreds can't live without. The amount of snap and support you get from a cambered board is unrivalled by any other camber design. Our TRÜE Camber varies between board models beacause each board is specifically designed for a certain terrain or type of riding, for example the TRÜE Camber in the Pantera SC has a larger height for maximum response, while the TRÜE Camber in our freestyle boards are lower to provide you with a more freestyle friendly flex, without loosing the support and trust you need for stomping landings. Camber is Camber there is no point in over complicating it !


  • Flex : All Terrain  :

    The most versatile flex that combines the legendary Nitro pop with easiness and forgiveness.

  • Speed Formula HD Base  :

    Utilizing a new base material compound, Nitro have been able to achieve higher abrasion resistance, increased wax absorption and higher on-snow speeds. All in an utlra clear package for extra crisp graphics.


SizeWaist width (mm)

Snow Binding Rossignol Cuda V1

The Cuda stands as one of Rossignol’s best freestyle binding. Relying on a solid nylon composite baseplate enhancing the contact feel with the board and providing excellent energy transmissions, the Cuda is a safe bet. Its highback remains unchanged, offering as much support and stability as the previous version and the whole thing comes at an unbeatable value for money

What can the Rossignol Cuda V1 snowboard binding do? 

Rossignol is bringing all-mountain performance within reach thanks to the Cuda. Classic design and great finish allow this binding to offer 5-star comfort and a firm and snug hold on your boots. The Tall Boy strap literally sticks to the boot without creating any pressure point and keeps it locked in for optimal control. The straps coupled with the chassis and the highback delivers smooth energy transmissions to the board allowing riders to play their way across the entire mountain. Freestyle, freeride, there are no terrain than the binding can’t deal with. 

Who is the Rossignol Cuda V1 snowboard binding designed for? 

The Cuda is a little too aggressive for beginners. We recommend it to advanced or expert hard charging freestylers who want the best feel on their board. The Cuda provides tons of comfort and control to help you send your tricks higher and further. 

What are the main assets of the Rossignol Cuda V1 snowboard binding? 




Product Name
Rossignol Cuda V1
Product price
£124.10  instead of  £206.91
Specs Snow Binding Rossignol Cuda V1
Year 2017
Sizes ML




Entry System
• Classic
• FS All mountain
Inserts compatibility
Compatibility Burton 3D No
Compatibility Burton ICS No
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4 Yes
Baseplate stiffness
Highback Stiffness
Straps Stiffness
Various Complement

Manufacturer info :


  • FS All mountain

Baseplate - Chassis

  • HC-X 33 baseplate  :

    • Lighter, stronger, better, faster. • Nylon® composite & fiberglass baseplate. • Adjustable 6082 T6 aluminum E.H.T. heelcup. • Tool free adjustable gas pedal. • Comes in 2 versions: • The HC-X18 includes a 18% glass fiber ratio and has a mid torsion resistance for more comfort. • The stiffer HC-X33 has a 33% glass fiber ratio and blends longer and shorter fibers for more punch.

  • Magnebed S3R  :

    Because you can never have too much of cushioning on a binding, Rossignol swapped the EVA with gel pads underneath the 3 critical sections of the foot. You'll get a better dampening on impacts, better absorbtion of chatter, for less overall fatigue.


  • Contour Light  :

    • Anatomical, ultra-lightweight, supportive, comfortable & controlable.

    • Asymmetrically designed so that you can go duck and wide stance with more comfort.

    • Anit-Shock Nylon® with vents for punch and lightness.

    • Anti-abrasion thermoformed EVA padding for comfort.

    • Tool-free forward lean lever for ease of use.

    • Rotation adjuster for custom fit.

  • Elasti-Back  :

    Enhances the flex and the contact feel between boot and binding

Straps - Buckles

  • Asymlight Lever  :

    Asymmetrical design. Molded aluminium for its great durability and its lightweight. Rapidfire bearings for a more natural opening.

  • Tallboy Strap  :

    Semi-full cover of the instep/ankle for more freedom. Compressed Super Foam coating for comfort. Hyrtel webbing for the hold. Convertible Toe strap.


Choice helper :
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  • How to set your bindings ?
  • What are the different types of camber?
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