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Package Burn


Snow Binding Cuda V1 Black Grey

View detailed description Pack snowboard, Palmer 2015

£378.20 VAT included
- 43 %
Saving: £296.81
Recommended price Winter 2015 : £675.01
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  2. Bindings

    • Cuda V2 Black Orange
      Available sizes :
      ML (40-48)
      Category :
      FS All mountain
      Entry :
    • Fifty Black
      Available sizes :
      M (41 et -)
      L (41-43.5)
      XL (43.5 et +)
      Category :
      FS All mountain
      Entry :
    • Supersport Black
      Available sizes :
      SM (34-38)
      Category :
      FS All mountain
      Entry :
    • Force Black
      Available sizes :
      M (40.5-43.5)
      L (44-48)
      Category :
      FR All mountain
      Entry :

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Benefits with this item

Livraison Offerte
Winter 2015
Advanced - Expert
Freeride All-mountain
Waist width 252 mm
Size 158cm - Camber Rocker Camber

Explications Cambres

Added on 2013-11-19

Explications des types de cambres

Snowboard Palmer Burn

Note: The actual colour of the board's base may be different than the one shown on the picture. Brands make them randomly.

If you want to set the mountain on fire, the Burn is a safe pick. Palmer kept the best of the previous versions and made it even better. The Burn is limitless, literally, its playground has no end and the board doesn't know the word boredom.  

What can the Palmer Burn do?  

If you want to feel free, strap in the Burn and go ride. There is nothing you can't do with it and nothing to fear. On the hardpack you get a solid board providing precise edge control and reactivity thanks to the traditional camber running through the midsection. Its Smart FLF Rocker ensures stability and floatiness on pow and intuitive turn entries on harder snow. Carving with the board feels natural and speed is never a problem. Off the piste, the board works like a charm. Its rocker leads the way through bumps and crud, absorbing most negative vibrations, and keeps you floating over powder surface. It also gives the board excellent manoeuverability and makes it playful. The board flex allows freestylers to play around easily as well and if you want to make the Burn your park board you can. It is pretty difficult to tell you what the board can do best cause it does pretty much everything with the same ease. The only limit is your imagination.  

Who is the Palmer Burn designed for?  

We recommend the board to versatile riders who like to change playgrounds several times a day. An advanced or expert level is recommended if you want to ride the board to its full potential.  

What are the main assets of the Palmer Burn?  



Product Name
Palmer Burn
Product price
£283.70  instead of  £503.10
Specs Snowboard Palmer Burn
Year 2015
Sizes 164




• Advanced - Expert
Snowboard category
• Freeride All-mountain
Snowboard detailed program
Snowboard criteria
Snowboard camber
• Rocker Camber
• Directional
• 4X2

Manufacturer info :


  • Directional


  • 4X2

Structure - Construction

  • Prepeg  :

    Palmer is one of a handful of snowboard companies to use Prepreg, or pre-impregnated fibers, in its snowboards. This computer-controlled process impregnates fiber fabrics (glass or carbon, for instance) with epoxy resin, eliminating the irregular hand application of liquid resin at the press itself. The result is the highest strength-to-weight ratio and the quickest, cleanest power transmission - and why the aircraft and space industries use Prepreg!

  • Sidewall  :

    Full sidewall that's easy to fix.

  • Woodcore  :

    More than 100 layers of the world's finest woods make up Palmer's woodcores. Swiss made, these vertically laminated wood cores provide even, consistent and long lasting flex patterns. The cores are tailored to each board's specifications using state-of-the-art computer machinery.

Shape - Sidecuts

  • Klothoid Technology  :

    Klothoid technology allows Palmer engineers to control the centrifugal forces riders experience as they turn. This unique multi-radii shape technology allows us to blend together as many different sidecut radii as needed to achieve an even easier, more forgiving and effortless board that delivers the highest riding performance ever.

  • Smart FLF Shape  :

    FLF (Feels Like Flying) is the optimized interaction between the sidecut and the nose and tail surfaces. Klothoid represents the numerous radii (circles) that define the sidecut, and FLF extends these radii into the nose and tail kick. In practical terms this means more control and effortless handling, thanks to an optimized edge grip. FLF pushes edge-hold, stability and acceleration to a new standard of handling and safety.

Rocker - Camber

  • Smart FLF Rocker  :

    Another first from Palmer is the Smart FLF Rocker design that makes you Feel Like Flying. A patent pending design innovation with moving edge pressure defining contact points to combine the proven performance of Regular Camber and the Catch-Free ease of Rocker. Experience more control and easier turn initiation and the confidence and stability to rip any terrain.Remarkably effortless!Forgiving and easy-to-control with playful, lively yet dynamic turning performance. Catch-free ease with great pop, kick back and landing lock. Builds your confidence and helps you to become a better rider


  • 7200 Graphite Base


SizeWaist width (mm)

Snow Binding Rossignol Cuda V1 Black Grey

If the Cuda looks very much alike the XV, it is no concidence. It features mostly the same techs, the main difference being the highback's profile which is higher, stiffer and more vertical in order to offer more support. This means Rossignol is releasing with the Cuda a high-end binding designed for hard charging freestylers who will appreciate the 3° canting maximising pop and enhancing comfort by offering a more natural alignment of ankles, knees and hips.  

What can the Rossignol Cuda V1 Black Grey do?  

On this model there is no EVA foam but gel pads instead which provides a better shock absorbtion. You can charge as hard as you can on any terrain you can find, you will blast through it with a ridiculous ease. From deep powder to freshly groomed snow through difficult conditions like crud, slush, corn or iced bumps, you'll feel like you're riding on silk. This makes the binding perfect for sending huge tricks off natural booters or assaulting rails in the park. The cushy feel makes not only landings smoother but it increases stability as well. The Cuda is also super precise and delivers mindblowing energy transmissions meaning if you need reactivity from your bindings to link park features quickly, you got it with the Cuda.  

Who is the Rossignol Cuda V1 Black Grey designed for?  

Way too demanding for beginners, the Cuda is a match for advanced and expert riders who know how to deal with reactivity and power. If you are used to airing table tops and ollieing over natural lips and if you're looking for high comfort and control, then the Cuda is a safe pick.  

What are the main assets of the Rossignol Cuda V1 Black Grey?  

- Performance 

- Stiffness 

- Precision 

Product Name
Rossignol Cuda V1 Black Grey
Product price
£120.30  instead of  £171.91
Specs Snow Binding Rossignol Cuda V1 Black Grey
Year 2016
Sizes ML (40-48)




Entry System
• Classic
• FS All mountain
Inserts compatibility
Compatibility Burton 3D No
Compatibility Burton ICS No
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4 Yes
Baseplate stiffness
Highback Stiffness
Straps Stiffness
Various Complement

Manufacturer info :


  • FS All mountain


  • 2 years

Baseplate - Chassis

  • HC-X 33 baseplate  :

    • Lighter, stronger, better, faster. • Nylon® composite & fiberglass baseplate. • Adjustable 6082 T6 aluminum E.H.T. heelcup. • Tool free adjustable gas pedal. • Comes in 2 versions: • The HC-X18 includes a 18% glass fiber ratio and has a mid torsion resistance for more comfort. • The stiffer HC-X33 has a 33% glass fiber ratio and blends longer and shorter fibers for more punch.

  • Magnebed S3R  :

    Because you can never have too much of cushioning on a binding, Rossignol swapped the EVA with gel pads underneath the 3 critical sections of the foot. You'll get a better dampening on impacts, better absorbtion of chatter, for less overall fatigue.


  • Contour Light  :

    • Anatomical, ultra-lightweight, supportive, comfortable & controlable.

    • Asymmetrically designed so that you can go duck and wide stance with more comfort.

    • Anit-Shock Nylon® with vents for punch and lightness.

    • Anti-abrasion thermoformed EVA padding for comfort.

    • Tool-free forward lean lever for ease of use.

    • Rotation adjuster for custom fit.

Straps - Buckles

  • 40 oZ Strap  :

    Full cover of the instep and ankle. Super Foam coating for comfort. Hyrtel webbing for the hold. Convertible toe strap.

  • Asymlight Lever  :

    Asymmetrical design. Molded aluminium for its great durability and its lightweight. Rapidfire bearings for a more natural opening.

Choice helper :
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  • Is my board ready-to-use ?
  • How to maintain your equipment ?
  • Are the bindings mounted on the board ?
  • How to set your bindings ?
  • What are the different types of camber?
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