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Pack snowboard Craft


Snow Binding Five Hybrid Black

View detailed description Pack snowboard, Salomon 2017

Support and versatility make the Salomon Craft a fantastic freestyle board with a playful and forgiving character. The board is perfectly suited for an all-terrain use or for learning tricks!

£521.82 VAT included
Saving: £156.62
Winter 2017
Intermediate - Advanced
Freestyle All-mountain
Waist width 251 mm
Size 154cm - Camber Rocker + Camber

Flow Five 2017

Snowboard Salomon Craft

Note: The colour of the bases may be different from the picture displayed on the website, manufacturers combine colours randomly.

The Craft is the all-terrain vehicle crafted by Salomon, mounted on suspensions and ready for annihilating the mountain. Freestyle-oriented, the board is the favorite ride of pro Nils Mindnich, a weapon of choice for jumping everywhere and break everything in the park or in the streets. 

What can the Salomon Craft snowboard do? 

Riding the Craft is synonym of freestyle progression and all terrain performance. We are on a twin tip shape, specific to park boards, allowing for switch riding. The board also features a hybrid profile enhancing its playful and forgiving character. With its rockered tips and the flat camber in the midsection, you get a board that’s super easy to move around and mellow to press on rails. There are two sections of camber under the feet for added responsiveness and stability. They also give the board a more precise edge grip allowing for more control when picking up speed for hitting the kicker or gaping the road. The board handles other terrains very well too with an excellent floatation on powder and a good breaking power on difficult snow. It does remain a freestyle board though, do not expect incredible performance in the backcountry unless you’re skilled. But the board will definitely give you a blast in the park. 

Who is the Salomon Craft snowboard designed for? 

We recommend the Craft to the riders who look for a new toy that can turn the mountain into their own playground. Riders with an intermediate and advanced level will make the most of the board. 

What are the main assets of the Salomon Craft snowboard? 




Product Name
Salomon Craft
Product price
£239.30  instead of  £341.91
Specs Snowboard Salomon Craft
Year 2017

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• Intermediate - Advanced
Snowboard category
• Freestyle All-mountain
Snowboard detailed program
Snowboard criteria
Snowboard camber
• Rocker + Camber
• 100% Twintip
• 4X2

Manufacturer info :


  • 100% Twintip


  • 4X2

Structure - Construction

  • BA MD  :

    Medium density European-made fiberglass layers guarantee a consistent quality level, for light and lively boards.

  • Biaxial Fiberglass  :

    Weaved biaxial fiberglass are positioned at 0°/90° for more torsional flex. Great performance at carving or park.

  • Aspen strong woodcore  :

    CNC-selected high-density FSC certified wood strips for the inserts and rail zones results in improved impact resistance and a predictable flex from opening day to spring slush.

  • Popster  :

    Maximize the natural snap and powerful pop of wood with Popster's shaped core profile. Feels like your skateboard kicktail finally connected with your snowboard.

  • Royal Rubber Pads  :

    Integrated to the ABS sidewalls, in high pressure areas, 4mm thick rubber pads eliminate chatters and reduce fatigue.

Shape - Sidecuts

  • EQ RAD  :

    Equalizer and Radial sidecuts combined for a perfect blend of fun and agility.

  • True Twin Shape  :

    This shape is designed for a freestyle use. The nose and tail have the same shape and length, the core and flex are symetric, and the stance is centered.

Rocker - Camber

  • Rock Out Camber  :

    Flat camber between bindings for stability, camber under the feet for reactivity, and rockered tips to improve press.


  • Freestyle Edge Bevel  :

    Edges are detuned with a 2 degree bevel at the wide points (nose and tail) and at strategic points along the sidecuts. Theere's a 3 degree bevel between the feet. Benefits : A full panel of grips and an amazing behaviour on park.

  • Extruded EG Base
  • Standard Stone Finish  :

    A standard for making high quality boards.


SizeWaist width (mm)

Snow Binding Flow Five Hybrid Black

The Five Hybrid Black represents the entry-level binding in the Flow’s catalogue. The construction of the highback and the base plate have been soften to be more forgiving and accessible to beginners. If you wonder what is the difference between the Hybrid and the Fusion, the main difference is that the Hybrid has two independent-ish straps just linked by a little stripe, while the Fusion has a unique and stiff strap. The Five Hybrid Black delivers a wider range of motion  for a more freestyle orientated use. 

What can the Flow Five Hybrid Black binding do? 

Once the ankle strap and the toe strap set and locked, you will be able to drop in the first run. The soft flex of this snowboard binding will allow you to work on your technique and improve at your own pace. Once you do nice frontside and backside turns one after another, the Five Hybrid Black provides a good reactivity and a good comfort to crank up the pace. You can ride in switch, jump in the park and in powder on the side of the slopes. 

Who is the Flow Five Hybrid Black binding do? 

This entry-level all-mountain binding is ideal to start snowboarding and evolve smoothly everywhere on the ski resort. Its soft flex and the wide range of motion should please the freestylers to send tricks and spins in the park. 

What are the main assets of the Flow Five Hybrid Black binding? 




Product Name
Flow Five Hybrid Black
Product price
£125.90  instead of  £179.91
Specs Snow Binding Flow Five Hybrid Black
Year 2017
Sizes L




Entry System
• Quick Entry
• FS All mountain
Inserts compatibility
Compatibility Burton 3D Yes
Compatibility Burton ICS No
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4
Baseplate stiffness
Highback Stiffness
Straps Stiffness
Various Complement

Manufacturer info :


  • FS All mountain

Baseplate - Chassis

  • Baseplate Molded Composite Rockered  :

    Engineered to transmit energy directly to the board without loss of efficiency. The minimized contact area with the board channels your power where it needs to go while the rocker corners of the baseplate allow any type of board to maintain optimal flex. Featured on all Flow bindings

  • Full-EVA Toe&Heel-Inserts  :

    The EVA contributes to a better absorbtion of hard landings and reduces vibrations for more comfort and precision.


  • Spoiler Uniback  :

    Lightweight 1-piece hibacks that fully recline for easy Dual-Entry & Exit and the comfortable EVA pads reduce the pressure on your legs.

Straps - Buckles

  • Hybrid PowerCapstrap  :

    The HYBRID PowerCapStrap is a revolutionary hybrid between Flow’s SpeedEntry convenience and conventional 2-strap SideEntry, merging the best of both.

    Featuring the new LSR-buckles, the 3D-shaped anklestrap diagonally covers the mid-foot for pressure distribution and energy-transfer to the toe-side through the 3-point VeeToe mounting.

    Responsive and unrestricted, the toe-cap of the new HYBRID PowerCapStrap delivers perfect boot positioning every time you kick in.


  • LSR - Locking Strap Ratchets  :

    These innovative Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR) buckles give you the option to easily get in and out bindings any which way you like. Whether SpeedEntry or DualEntry, they lock down to secure your preferred footstrap tightness.


  • CombiDisk  :



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