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Pack snowboard Ultimate Ride


Snow Binding NX2 Fusion White Green

View detailed description Pack snowboard, Salomon 2017

Versatility and performance are brought to their best in the Ultimate Ride by Salomon. A powerful and technical freestyle deck that will take you to the best level.

£845.82 VAT included
Saving: £253.82
Winter 2017
Advanced - Expert
Freestyle All-mountain
Waist width 254 mm
Size 155cm - Camber Classic

Flow NX2 2017

Snowboard Salomon Ultimate Ride

Note: The colour of the bases may be different from the picture displayed on the website, manufacturers combine colours randomly.

Watch your back, the board won’t stop or even slow down for your pretty face. This is the Ultimate Ride, or the board for canadian lumberjacks who destroy anything standing on their way. Designed for coping with pro rider Bode Merrill’s riding, it can withstand shocks and cut down trees if needed. 

What can the Salomon Ultimate Ride snowboard do? 

Designed for going big and riding fast, the board asks no questions. It shreds. As long as what’s on the ground can glide, then it’s fine. It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh bottomless powder or if it’s brown slush that you shoveled up the stairs for your street session. It doesn’t matter where you are on the mountain actually, if it’s groomed or not, the Ultimate Ride rips it all. It’s the muscle car of Salomon, loaded with techs enhancing performance and versatility. It’s all about freestyle, real freestyle, the one with no limits. From backcountry overshoots to rail breaking in parks, the board will keep going if you don’t tell it to stop. Of course, it’s a technical and powerful deck, a little demanding, but it’s totally worth putting efforts in mastering it. 

Who is the Salomon Ultimate Ride snowboard designed for? 

This is not a board suited for everyone, it aims for riders with skills, confirmed or experts, looking for a true freestyle deck that busts through any terrain. A board for landing 720s in waist-deep powder or for stomping switch backside tailslides on the black box of the park. A technical and powerful board for riders with ambitions. 

What are the main assets of the Salomon Ultimate Ride? 




Product Name
Salomon Ultimate Ride
Product price
£377.90  instead of  £539.91
Specs Snowboard Salomon Ultimate Ride
Year 2017

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• Advanced - Expert
Snowboard category
• Freestyle All-mountain
Snowboard detailed program
Snowboard criteria
Snowboard camber
• Classic
• 100% Twintip
• 4X2

Manufacturer info :


  • 100% Twintip


  • 4X2

Structure - Construction

  • Gunslinger sidewalls  :

    The pinnacle of Slingshot technology, implementing carbon inlays that run the full lenght of the board to meet reaction and shock absorption needs of Bode Merrill.

  • Triax fiberglass  :

    Versatile flex and response for everything from mini to mega shred.

  • Ghost Carbon Beam  :

    Two carbon beams inserts on tip and tail for maximum pop and increased stability during high speed charging.

  • Ghost Green Core  :

    Ghost Green Core components have been selected and designed to optimize pop and reduce weight while utilizing sustainable attributes of a super light polawania wood.

  • Popster  :

    Maximize the natural snap and powerful pop of wood with Popster's shaped core profile. Feels like your skateboard kicktail finally connected with your snowboard.

Shape - Sidecuts

  • Quadralizer  :

    New and explosive combination of Equalizer and Quadratic allows high speed carving as well as superior edge control in tight spots.

Rocker - Camber

  • Quad Camber  :

    The agressive characteristics of camber blended with rocker on the tip and tail to make the board unsinkable in pow with untouchable speed. Quad camber built with a blend of different radiuses and is more forgiving than a regular camber but maintains the reactivity and pop.


  • All Mountain Edge Bevel  :

    The edge angle is softened to 1° on the tip and tail and on strategic points on the sidecuts. There's a 2° angle between the feet. Benefits : Excellent edge grip, avoids edge catch.

  • Area 51  :

    Built to go faster and to fly higher. The Area 51 base is a high-density sintered based laced with a super-secret wax formula, and a specially engineered factory finish designed for air time and durability.

  • Sintered EG Base  :

    Engineered for a super fast glide on everything from fresh pow to sticky spring snow. Sintered material provides superior wax retention, Gallium strengthens impact resistance, and the Electra finish gives a turbo-charged glide.


SizeWaist width (mm)

Snow Binding Flow NX2 Fusion White Green

The NX2 Fusion White Green is part of the high-end models of Flow’s catalogue. A bit more forgiving than its big sister the GT, its stays quite demanding and it has a unique strap that reinforced the stiffness. If you add a 2.5° canting you will be perfectly set on your board, the support becomes super accurate and powerful. Flow also developed a cushioned base plate especially on the tail to absorb landings, shocks and vibrations. 

What can the Flow NX2 Fusion White Green boot do? 

We have here a versatile freestyle binding. The NX2 Fusion White Green permits to attack any snowy faces of the mountain thoughtlessly. On the slopes, it will provide a great holding to carve at max speed and let all your buddies on the spot. If you prefer the wide open virgin spaces, drop in and shred some pow. The aluminium construction of the baseplate and the highback in fiberglass is more than resistant and ready to absorb your most savage sessions. With its OC-Kush cushioning system, it is such a joy to take off on the smallest kickers and land without smashing your knees. 

Who is the Flow NX2 Fusion White Green boot designed for? 

The NX2 is a reference of the bindings with a dual entry (back entry and classic entry). It is advised for confirmed and expert skiers who love smashing powder and are looking for a super strong binding. 

What are the main assets of the Flow NX2 Fusion White Green boot? 




Product Name
Flow NX2 Fusion White Green
Product price
£214.10  instead of  £305.91
Specs Snow Binding Flow NX2 Fusion White Green
Year 2017
Sizes XL




Entry System
• Quick Entry
• FS All mountain
Inserts compatibility
Compatibility Burton 3D Yes
Compatibility Burton ICS Yes
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4
Baseplate stiffness
Highback Stiffness
Straps Stiffness
Various Complement

Manufacturer info :


  • FS All mountain

Baseplate - Chassis

  • Aluminium Alloy Rockered Baseplate
  • 2,5° BankBeds  :

    Improves comfort and energy transfer

  • OC-Kush baseplate  :

    OC-Kush Baseplate with cushioning inserts at the heel and toes to eliminate chatter and dampen landings.

  • Heel Pads


  • ATM.8
  • Glass-Filled Nylon ModBack  :

    The modular hibacks separate the lower and the upper zones for targeted strength, support, and flex where you need it. The Alu ModBacks offer more stiffness and response, while the GF-Nylon ModBacks offer a lively and fun feel. On the NX2, Fuse, and ISIS series, the lower zone also automatically triggers N.A.S.T.Y.

Straps - Buckles

  • A-Fusion Powerstrap  :

    Giving you more feel and optimal performance, the unique Flow PowerStraps cover a larger area of the foot especially your critical mid-foot zone. PowerStraps don’t need to be cranked down which avoids cramping, fatigue and cold toes while transferring more power directly to your board edges. They also keep a stable position for true SpeedEntry convenience.


    The FUSION PowerStrap is 3D-shaped, fuses the ankle & toe zones over the midfoot, and is padded for a super comfortable form-fit to your boot.

    Featuring our new LSR-buckles, FUSION PowerStraps fuse the worlds of SpeedEntry and SideEntry so you can opt for either based on individual preference or the situation you are in.

    Choose between either the Symmetrical I-FUSION for great all around support and freestyle feel or the Asymmetrical

    A-FUSION for extra lateral support and responsiveness, the FUSION PowerStraps deliver the very best in comfort

    and performance.

  • LSR - Locking Strap Ratchets  :

    These innovative Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR) buckles give you the option to easily get in and out bindings any which way you like. Whether SpeedEntry or DualEntry, they lock down to secure your preferred footstrap tightness.

  • N.A.S.T.Y  :

    New Active Strap Technology

    SpeedEntry has never been more convenient without sacrificing the superior performance, comfort and power transmission that Flow bindings are famous for. With the revolutionary New Active Strap Technology, the strap automatically lifts up when you open the reclining hiback and actively tightens again when you close the hiback. N.A.S.T.Y. reduces friction and creates more room so that getting in and out of your bindings is faster and easier than ever.


  • Aluminium Offset MultiDisk  :



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