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Roller skis IDT Skate Jr RM2

The IDT Skate JR RM2 ski wheel is designed for young cross-country skiers who want to progress during the summer. Comfortable, stable and equipped with slow wheels, it is an excellent first ski wheel.

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Level Sporty
Reference nr H17IDTACC003-SANS
Category Skating

This ski wheel is perfect for juniors to learn the skating technique during the summer in complete safety.

What are the characteristics of the ski wheel IDT Skate JR RM2?

Short beams and 80mm wheels, we are in the standards of good skating wheel skis for children. The beams are made in the same way as the adult models in aluminum monoblock which limits the risk of friction thanks to the absence of screws in the forks. The RM2 slow wheels made of synthetic rubber allow to move at the same speed as in winter, which is an undeniable advantage when you are looking for landmarks. They also limit the risk of uncontrolled speed in the downhill phase and ensure a minimum of safety. We can however regret that the child version is not equipped with mudguards because they are very useful, but the size of the beams limits the solutions regarding the installation of bindings.

Who is the Skate JR RM2 ski wheel intended for?

It is a ski wheel exclusively intended for children or people weighing less than 60kg and wearing maximum 39. Apart from that, it is an excellent ski for summer training. It allows children to work on their skating technique at the right speed and to find good reference points for the winter.

What are the main qualities of the ski wheel IDT Skate JR RM2?

- Suitable for children

- Slow wheels

- Comfort

- Norwegian know-how

Technical characteristics :

- Beam : Aluminium

- Wheels: Synthetic rubber

- Rims: Plastic Plastic

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