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Roller skis IDT Skate Klaebo Edition RM2

The IDT Skate Klaebo Edition RM2 wheel ski brings a breath of fresh air to rollerskiing with a forgiving, high-performance model designed by Johannes H. Klaebo!

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Level Sporty
Reference nr E18IDTACC001-SANS
Category Skating

The best cross-country skier in the world is entitled to his signature model, designed by the Norwegian brand IDT in collaboration with Johannes H. Klaebo and with visual effects close to what the athlete likes, often equipped with pink accessories. A model all in his image that takes the technical characteristics of the very recognized Skate RM2 with a more original style in the image of the artist who skis them.

What are the characteristics of the ski wheel IDT Skate Klaebo Edition RM2?

Technically we stay on the IDT standards with a very light aluminium monobloc beam. This manufacturing process removes the screws from the forks, which not only makes it lighter, but also minimizes the risk of friction on the asphalt. Equipped with the RM2 wheels, the "slow multipurpose wheels" of the brand, it offers an exceptional quality of rolling and simulates perfectly the speed of displacement that we can have in skiing in winter. These synthetic rubber wheels also ensure a longer life. It is a perfect model for training sessions in the off-season, and its standard length makes it tolerant and easy to access the rollerski.

Who is the IDT Skate Klaebo Edition RM2 ski wheel for?

Its length of 600mm makes it a standard skating ski, technical enough for training experienced skiers and tolerant enough to be accessible and scalable. The slow wheels are a great benefit as they help to get a good feeling for winter. It is a top of the range model and very well priced, with the added bonus of an original look created in collaboration with the best cross-country skier in the world.

What are the main qualities of the ski wheel IDT Skate Klaebo Edition RM2?

- Comfortable.

- Evolving.

- Norwegian manufacturing quality.

- Speed of movement similar to that of the ski.

Technical characteristics :

- Beam: Aluminum monoblock.

- Length: 600mm.

- Synthetic rubber wheels.

- Aluminium rims.

- Wheels Ø100mm.

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