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Nordic Ski Madshus Redline Carbon Skate Plus

The Madshus Redline Carbon Skate Plus cross-country ski is a very precise ski mixing forgiveness, stability and liveliness for optimal performance.

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Level Race Expert
Category Skating
Structure - Construction
PR 100X core
Madshus Speed Tip
P200 Nano Plus base
Triaxial Carbon Construction
Weight of the pair in grams

950g la paire en taille 190cm

Reference nr H18MADSSKI003

Highly regarded for warm or wet snow, the Redline Carbon Skate Plus is one of the finest models in our selection for these conditions. Used by some of the world's best athletes, it offers outstanding skating efficiency. 

What are the features of the Madshus Redline Carbon Skate Plus? 

The structure is exactly the same as in the Cold version, with a 3D construction to make the deformation of the ski more homogeneous in the areas that are most subjected to lateral pressure. The internal structure is made of a PR100X core fully coated with a carbon "sock". This manufacturing process, called Triaxial Construction, offers an excellent result on snow and the very flat tips reinforce the feeling of stability with a more important ski/snow contact. Very dynamic underfoot and more flexible at the tips than the Cold version to handle the warm conditions of coarse-grained snow where the tips tend to sink. The P200 Nano Plus sole is designed for snow conditions between -1°C to +7°C on new snow and -7°C to +7°C on old and dirty snow. Its versatility of use is quite important, but it should be noted that on negative and compact snow the Cold version offers a superior performance. With the 3D structure and a shorter camber, it is on the other hand formidable for extreme snowy conditions or on warm and dirty snow. It is a much-appreciated alternative to the Cold and is suitable for a wide range of temperatures on processed snow. In terms of sensation, the first thing that strikes you is that the ski can be put flat without too much difficulty and transmits on the end of each thrust with an impressive dynamism. Less known than some other skis, it is nevertheless one of the most effective on the market with the bonus of the Norwegian know-how in terms of camber adjustment, and for us the possibility of choosing the skis according to the weight range of the skiers which is not anecdotal when we see the changes from one pair to another. 

Who is the Madshus Redline Carbon Skate Plus cross-country ski for? 

That's a big question, because for a ski in this range it has a very comfortable flatness, and the dynamism is only felt at the end of the lateral push. If it is primarily performance and race oriented, it is also a very interesting alternative for all skiers wishing to invest in a high-end model that offers comfort and dynamism at the same time. A very good choice for long distance race enthusiasts. 

What are the main qualities of the Madshus Redline Carbon Skate Plus cross-country ski? 

- Tolerance. 

- Dynamism. 

- Stability. 

- Made in Norway at the Biri factory close to Lillehammer. 

Choice of size: 

- 175cm from 45 to 60 Kg. 

- 180cm from 50 to 65 Kg. 

- 185cm from 60 to 75 Kg. 

- 190cm from 70 to 85 Kg. 

- 195cm from 75 to 90 Kg. 

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