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Nordic Ski Rossignol R-skin Sport Ifp

The Rossignol R-Skin Sport IFP was designed to offer as much comfort as possible to glide-focused skiers. The ski feels nice and progressive, suited for most skiers.

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Level Leisure
Category Classic
Structure - Construction
LDC Premium core
Extended Edge
K7000 base
Weight of the pair in grams


Identical as the previous version, the R-Skin Sport returns with new cosmetics that match Rossignol lineup better. There is one difference in the system used. The ski comes with a new IFP plate compatible with the brand new binding system developed by Rossignol: Turnamic. These bindings work with Turnamic, NNN and Prolink boots. IFP plates do not work with SNS and SNS Pilot bindings. 

What are the specifications of the Rossignol R-Skin Sport IFP ski?

Designed to help inexperienced skiers to discover the joys of classic skiing, the R-Skin Sport comes with specific sidecuts reducing friction in the tracks. The R-Skin skins deliver a comfortable feel no matter the terrain. The ski guides well on all types of snow and the progressive camber helps step turning on the downhill or getting through difficult sections with ease. This very same camber enhances retention and makes it easy to grip. Skiers who lack of technique should appreciate it. 

Who is the Rossignol R-Skin Sport IFP ski designed for?

Beginners or occasional skiers will be happy with this forgiving partner on their feet. The ski offers an easy glide which is often the hard part when classic skiing. With this one, you’re able to build up confidence quickly. The R-Skin system is easy to use and ensures pleasant sessions. 

What are the main assets of the Rossignol R-Skin Sport IFP cross-country ski?


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