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Ski boot Hawx Magna 80 Black White


£175.91 VAT included
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Winter 2016
Beginner - Intermediate

Ski boot Atomic Hawx Magna 80 Black White

Shoe Size information : Size Adjuster:

This model is sold with a pair of inserts of adjustment. When this insert is placed under the internal sole, the shoe loses exactly half a size. The skiers who need a whole size can thus buy a shoe a half-size above and make the adjustment themselves. (view the size chart grid)

Atomic’s Hawx is one of the brand’s best-seller. Upgraded for 2016, it returns under the name of Hawx Magna and comes with a wider fit offering more room to your feet. More room means more comfort, a better blood flow and more heat, this without giving up on hold and control.  

What can the Atomic Hawx Magna 80 do? 

The Hawx Magna 80 is the entry-level boot of the Magna line, suited for skiers seeking comfort more than performance. Atomic gave the boot a soft flex pattern enhancing forgiveness and fluidity, you may not perform like pro riders on the Freeride World Tour, but you will feel a lot better than them in your boots! The Magna 80 isn’t completely givingup on performance though. If the boot delivers unparalleled comfort, it also provides precise energy transmissions and control.  It features a light and technical construction offering heat retention and an ergonomic fit to make sure your feet are happy.  The Memory Fit technology allows the liner to come around your foot like a second skin and provide a comfortable hold.  Once you’re in, buckle up, adjust the forward and enjoy! 

Who is the Atomic Hawx Magna 80 designed for?  

We recommend the boot to all intermediate women skiers looking for optimal comfort. The boot offers a generous fit and makes progression painless.  

What are the main assets of the Atomic Hawx Magna 80?  

Wide fit



Size Grid 

21.5 (21-21.5) 33 2/3 - 34 1/3 2.5-3 1.5-2
22.5 (22-22.5) 35 - 36 4-4.5 3-3.5
23.5 (23-23.5) 37 2/3 - 38 5-5.5 4-4.5
24.5 (24-24.5) 38 2/3 - 39 6-6.5 5-5.5
25.5 (25-25.5) 39 2/3 - 40 1/3 7-7.5 6-6.5
26.5 (26-26.5) 41 - 42 8-8.5 7-7.5
27.5 (27-27.5) 42 2/3 - 43 1/3 9-9.5 8-8.5
28.5 (28-28.5) 44 - 45 10-10.5 9-9.5
29.5 (29-29.5) 45 2/3 - 46 1/3 11-11.5 10-10.5
30.5 (30-30.5) 47-48 12-12.5 11-11.5
31.5 (31-31.5) 48 2/3 - 49 1/3 13-13.5 12-12.5
Product Name
Atomic Hawx Magna 80 Black White
Product price
£105.50  instead of  £175.91
Specs Ski boot Atomic Hawx Magna 80 Black White
Year 2016

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• Beginner - Intermediate
Boot category
• Performance-Recreational
• Yes
• 102 mm
• 4 aluminium hooks
Micrometric Settings
• 4 Micro Settings
Macro Settings
• 2 buckles macro settings
Weight of the pair in grams

Manufacturer info :


  • 80


  • Yes


  • 102 mm

Shell and Cuff

  • PE shell and collar  :

    Plastic material (Polyethylene) is the main component of many of the ski boots on the market. Its flexibility is optimum even if it reacts to temperature changes, it stays a simple and cheap plastic.


  • ASY Pro Liner  :

    All our inner boots offer an asymmetrical construction made of good quality materials, with a tongue, a toe area and an asymmetrical collar shape. It is the most anatomical construction of the market offering the best holding in downhill.

  • Bronze liner with 3M Thinsulate  :

    It offers a comfortable fit and has a memory foam area around the ankle.


  • Velcro strap 45mm  :

    The strap delivers a complementary hold to the buckles, it increases the transmission sensations of the shin.

  • 6000 Alu buckle


  • Standard Din 2K  :

    This is the flat alpine sole that we traditionally find on standard boots. ISO 5355 certified, they work on a reliable manner with traditional alpine bindings ISO 9462. certified.

weight (grams)

  • La paire (taille 26.5) 3660

Choice helper :
  • Our Foot Sizing Chart
  • How to put on your ski boots ?
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