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Ski boot Panterra 100 Black Tr White


£324.72 VAT included
Winter 2016
Intermediate - Advanced

Dalbello Panterra

Ski boot Dalbello Panterra 100 Black Tr White

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Dalbello’s freetouring boots return for another season. They still offer tons of adjustable settings and come with the famous ski/walk system. Skiers seeking comfort and performance are going to have fun with these on their feet.  

What can the Dalbello Panterra 100 Black Tr White do? 

The Panterra 100 is a mid range boot offering high performance coupled with a more forgiving feel than what you can find on the Panterra 120. The flex is softer and makes the glide smoother. Like on every other model in the range, the boot is highly customisable and comes with high-end features. If we had to pick only one we would mention the VVF system (Variable Volume Fit). It allows you to adjust the forefoot width from 100mm up to 102mm with the front buckle. Once you have found the correct setting for you, there is no need to touch to that buckle anymore, not even for entries and exits. You will play with the 3 other buckles and the Power Strap to get the hold you need. Inside the boot, there is an anatomic Trufit Performer liner. This liner will warm up with your body heat and will shape around your foot to provide a precise and comfortable fit. Finally, skiers will appreciate the ski/walk system. Super easy to use, the system allows a wide range of motion allowing skiers to walk easily and reach a secret spot or just get back to the car.  

Who is the Dalbello Panterra 100 Black Tr White designed for?  

Skiers with an advanced level will appreciate the blend of comfort and performance they will find in the boot. Suited for riding the whole mountain, you get tons of support and exciting features that make hiking or skinning a lot easier.  

What are the main assets of the Dalbello Panterra 100 Black Tr White?  



Highly customisable 

Product Name
Dalbello Panterra 100 Black Tr White
Product price
Specs Ski boot Dalbello Panterra 100 Black Tr White
Year 2016

Out of stock



• Intermediate - Advanced
Boot category
• Freetouring
• Yes
Foot Width
• 100 mm

• 101 mm

• 102 mm
• 4 aluminium hooks
Micrometric Settings
• 4 Micro Settings
Macro Settings
• 2 buckles macro settings
Weight of the pair in grams
Norme Semelle

Manufacturer info :


  • 100


  • Yes


  • 100 mm
  • 101 mm
  • 102 mm

Shell and Cuff

  • Cabrio Design  :

    The Cabrio design is a 3 piece construction - shell/cuff/tongue – that comfortably secures the foot and lower leg while optimizing smooth and progressive flexibility. Dalbello’s Cabrio models provide the ultimate in responsive performance to ski your best.

  • PU Cuff
  • 4 Shell-Fit  :

    Exclusive Dalbello construction technology that maps the anatomical contours of the foot to create subtle “comfort zones” at 4 critical foot points: ankle, heel, 5° metatarsal &navicular. Relief contours molded into the inside lower shell at these 4 points provide a close and accurate fit and minimize the need for shell modifications.

  • PE Shell
  • Easier entry
  • PU Tongue
  • VVF System  :

    Variable Volume Fit: Specific to Dalbello, this system allows to adjust the volume of the shell from 102 to 100mm. When the hook in the front of the shell is locked, no need to touch it anymore. "Set it and forget it". Once the VVF system is adjusted, Panterra boots can be ridden only by using the 3 hooks left.


  • Trufit Performer  :

    Medium Density Ulteva Foam

    C4 (Contour 4) fit patterns on select models

    A.C. Adaptive Comfort Toebox

    Heat System Ready Construction

    Orthofit Performance Insole


  • Dynalink  :

    Dalbello Exclusive: Highly effective rearfoot closure system minimizes foot sliding, heel lift, and boot shell distortion for improved control and enhanced performance.


  • "Rocker" Stance  :

    The foot angle in the boot, the lateral hold and forward lean were taken in account to offer skiers the most balanced and natural position possible. This allows added performance with new geometry of skis. Rockers, cambers, etc.

  • Lateral control
  • Adjustable heel ramp
  • Heel hold
  • Rubber Clad Hike Sole
  • Forward lean setting enabled
  • Release system Ski/Walk  :

    Light and compact, this technology allows a longer travel of the cuff for a more natural walk when climbing and excellent skiing performance on the downhill.


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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)
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