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Ski boot Panterra 120 Acid Green Anthracite


View detailed description Ski boot, Dalbello 2017

High end all-mountain ski boot, the Dalbello Panterra 120 doesn’t do any concession. Accurate and powerful, it has a new curved Grip Walk sole.

£347.91 VAT included
Winter 2017
Advanced - Expert

Ski boot Dalbello Panterra 120 Acid Green Anthracite

Shoe Size information : We recommend to pick one size up from your normal shoe size.

Here comes the Panterra 120 back, the iconic men’s all-mountain ski boot made in Dalbello. Still built on the cabrio design model, it has a 3 parts shell offering a stiff 120 natural flex for a high end gliding comfort. The little evolution of the year is the rubber curved Grip Walk sole with a raised heel and front end. This sole has a banana shape providing a more comfortable walk and a natural rolling movement of the foot whilst offering an insane grip on snowy and icy ground. This innovation has been awarded by the 2016/2017 ISPO awards

What can the Dalbello Panterra 120  boot do? 

This boot is as powerful on the slopes as it is in free touring to have fun in freeride on all terrains. Its inner ID Max is endowed with a mid-density EVA foam that absorb shocks and offers a 100-102mm forefoot width for a comfy boot last. You can then charge in deep at max speed, drop cliffs and cornices on the way, the Panterra 120 delivers perfect landings. Its stiffness and its powerful holding will permit you to attack thoughtlessly. Far from being the lightest out there, the Panterra 120 is a downhill monster, the ski/walk mode is super useful and let you do approaches in free touring. On long distances forget about it or you better have massive thighs. 

Who is the Dalbello Panterra 120 designed for? 

We advise this model to powerful and athletic confirmed and expert riders looking for an all terrains boot. The Dalbello Panterra 120 invites you to discover the entire mountain with this high end ergonomy. 

What are the main assets of the Dalbello Panterra 120  boot? 



Ski/Walk mode 

Product Name
Dalbello Panterra 120 Acid Green Anthracite
Product price
Specs Ski boot Dalbello Panterra 120 Acid Green Anthracite
Year 2017

Out of stock



• Advanced - Expert
Boot category
• Freetouring
• Yes
• 100 mm

• 101 mm

• 102 mm
Removable Liner
• Yes
• 4 aluminium hooks
Micrometric Settings
• 4 Micro Settings
Macro Settings
• 2 buckles macro settings
weight (grams)

Manufacturer info :


  • 120


  • Yes


  • 100 mm
  • 101 mm
  • 102 mm

Shell and Cuff

  • PU Shell & Cuff
  • Kinetic Response Tongue  :

    Made of highly resistant polyamide plastic (Nylon), the tongue allows more precise feelings, more sensitivity and better control. Swappable tongues.

  • PA Tongue
  • VVF System  :

    Variable Volume Fit: Specific to Dalbello, this system allows to adjust the volume of the shell from 102 to 100mm. When the hook in the front of the shell is locked, no need to touch it anymore. "Set it and forget it". Once the VVF system is adjusted, Panterra boots can be ridden only by using the 3 hooks left.


  • IF Comp Liner
  • Kinetic Response Tongue  :

    Highly resistant polyamide plastic (Nylon), the tongue allows more feelings, sensitivity, better control. Swappable tongues.


  • Dynalink  :

    Dalbello Exclusive: Highly effective rearfoot closure system minimizes foot sliding, heel lift, and boot shell distortion for improved control and enhanced performa


  • ADJ Canting  :

    Permits skiers to align the lateral inclination of the upper cuff to the skier’s leg. Outside Hinge Cant Using 5mm Hex Tool, rotate the mechanism clockwise, or counterclockwise, to align boot cuff to desired position

  • Adjustable Flex
  • Adjustable Heel Inclinator  :

    On certain Kyro models, a system allows you to adjust the height of your heel and thus the lean of your foot inside the boot. This increases comfort and offers a better skiing position. This gives better balance to skiers and make turns easier to initiate.

  •  :

    Balanced and centered skiers position for optimum dynamic performance and support.


  • Release system Ski/Walk  :

    Light and compact, this technology allows a longer travel of the cuff for a more natural walk when climbing and excellent skiing performance on the downhill.


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