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Ski boot XT 90 W White Tr Blue


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Winter 2017
Advanced - Expert

Ski boot Lange XT 90 W White Tr Blue

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The XT series incorporates freeride-oriented boots featuring one of the best ski/walk systems available on the market. If the boots already existed last year, they got redesigned for 2016 and return with more performance than ever. If you like powder, they will get you hyped! 

What can the Lange XT 90 W Tr Blue White do? 

Women freeriders willing to experience mindblowing performance packed in a premium comfort boot are going to have a smile on their face when trying the XT 90 W.
The stiff flex will back you up with solid support at high speed and breathtaking power transmissions. Hard charging skiers can push on their skis as hard as they can, the boot won’t bat an eye.

The 100mm forefoot width offers precision and comfort to make sure you can turn where and when you want without killing your toes.
The boot also boasts a ski/hike system in order to help true freeriders to reach their favorites spots easily.
All you need to do is pull the switch to free the cuff and move. The range of motion allowed is more important than what we had on previous versions which makes walking almost natural. Push it back and your boot turns into a ski boot again! Magic.
The boot features a lighter construction and creates less muscular fatigue which should be music to tourers’ ears.  

Finally, you can enjoy a grippy outsole for walking on rocks or concrete, and you will thank the Thinsulate technology on cold winter days. The fibre maximises heat retention and keeps moisture away.  

Who is the Lange XT 90 W Tr Blue White designed for?

The XT 90 W is an excellent pick for advanced or expert freetourers / freeriders looking for the ultimate boot to destroy the mountain with. Stunning performance, premium comfort and exceptional functionnality are on the menu of this XT 90 W. 

What are the main assets of the Lange XT 90 W Tr Blue White?  


Heat retention

Product Name
Lange XT 90 W White Tr Blue
Product price
£183.80  instead of  £334.31
Specs Ski boot Lange XT 90 W White Tr Blue
Year 2017

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• Advanced - Expert
Boot category
• Freetouring
• Yes
Foot Width
• Medium feet
• 100 mm
• 4 aluminium hooks
Micrometric Settings
• 4 Micro Settings
Macro Settings
• 2 buckles macro settings
Weight of the pair in grams
• Ski / Hike mechanism
Sole norm

Manufacturer info :


  • 90


  • Yes

Foot Width

  • Medium feet


  • 100 mm

Shell and Cuff

  • Shell Polyurethane - Cuff Polyolefin


  • Lacing System  :

    The liner features a lacing system for a more precise hold.

  • Power Wrap Tongue  :

    Thanks to the slanted padding on the instep, the tongue adapts perfectly to the skier's shape. More comfort, more heat, more control. 

  • Thermo Fit 2  :

    Liner composed with a low density memory foam that will take the foot's shape durably duing the day thanks to the combination of heat and foot pressure. After a few days, it will take its original shape back. This foam is used on specific areas according to the liner's level. RL2 is customisable on the metatarsus, the malleolus and also the tongue.

  • Thinsulate  :

    Microfiber developped by the company 3M, used for the first time in ski boots.

    Thinsulate® fibers guarantee the best thermal insulation you can find on the market.

    It's a thin fiber that creates no interference with the liner's characteristics, but provides a perfect fit for a better skiability.


  • Strap Velcro 40mm


  • Canting +/- 1,0°
  • Max Grip  :

    A particular polyurethane composition which gives a very high grip, ideal for short up hill walks.

  • Power V Lock  :

    Traditional Lange V- cut profile on the side of the shell for performance + an additional V cut on the back to provide the Ski- Hike functionality.


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  • Snowboard
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  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)