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Ski boot Alltrack 80 W Black Tr


£120.30 VAT included
- 50 %
Saving: £120.49
Recommended price Winter 2015 : £240.79
  1. Size MDP

    We recommend to pick one size up from your normal shoe size.

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Ski Boot bag
Black Pro Glisshop

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X Socks
Ski Comfort Lady

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Winter 2015
Intermediate - Advanced

Ski boot Rossignol Alltrack 80 W Black Tr

Shoe Size information : We recommend to pick one size up from your normal shoe size.

Comfort has always been one of the main assets of the AllTrack Women series. Featuring a 102mm last, the boots offer plenty of room to let the toes move freely. But comfort doesn't make everything. This is why Rossignol used the Optisensor 3D liner, it helps maximising power transmissions and reactivity when skiing. On the other hand, they gave the boot amedium/soft flex at 80.That allows 'forgiving performance' with enough versatility to explore the whole mountain. In the end, the Alltrack 80 offers comfort, fit, efficiency and ease of use, making it a must-have for any intermediate skier out there.  


What our testers say : We liked how the boot fitted and worked. The 4 buckles provide a solid hold that combines well with the touring mode. The forgiving flex provides progressive performance and matches well with intermediate level skiers who'd like to add a bit of versatility through their ride. On top of it, the boot has an excellent value for money.  

Product Name
Rossignol Alltrack 80 W Black Tr
Product price
£120.30  instead of  £240.79
Specs Ski boot Rossignol Alltrack 80 W Black Tr
Year 2015
Sizes 22 (34.5)




• Intermediate - Advanced
Boot category
• Freetouring
• Yes
• 102 mm
Removable Liner
• Yes
• 4 aluminium hooks
Micrometric Settings
• 4 Micro Settings
Macro Settings
• 2 buckles macro settings
weight (grams)

Manufacturer info :


  • 80


  • Yes


  • 102 mm

Shell and Cuff

  • Cuff Polyoléfine 
  • Cuff specific for women  :

    The cuff high is significantly lower than a unisex cuff. Its tulip shape at the back allows the calf to find its place without diffculty. The cuff structure is simple in order to fit better the muscle structure of women skiers.

  • Polyether shell
  • Sensor Grid  :

    Working on detail to eliminate the non-essential, getting as close as possible to the ultimate pleasure on the slopes… the core properties of a good boot are no secret: a shell that is rigid enough to transmit energy and sensations together with the lightness needed for freedom of movement. This dual objective led to the SENSOR GRID concept. A CLEARLY VISIBLE GRID BUILT INTO THE SHELL BOTH INSIDE AND OUTSIDE 1. Enhances the shell while reinforcing its torsional and flexural rigidity. The result is a shell that weights 10% less than an equivalent traditional boot for ultimate ski performance. 2. Improves foot wrap thanks to the diagonally structured frame, enabling more precise steering.


  • Thermo OPTISENSOR 3D T3  :

    Each morphological detail is important and requires suitable materials. Each area of ​​the foot has its own role in the control of skis. The liner OPTISENSOR 3D T3 was designed according to these requirements.

    - Zone 1: held : Rigi materials located on the back heel of the liner for a perfect fit heel and a guaranteed precision.

    - Zone 2 : wrapping : At the instep, the positioning of materials and their design promotes wrapping for excellent control. Laces, included in the box, help wrapping the lower leg wrap for even more performance.

    - Zone 3 : Comfort : The ankles are a sensitive location, often prone to problems. To ensure a perfect fit, this area is covered by a flexible material, which completely goes through the liner.

    - Zone 4 : mobility : On each side of the liner, an elastic part allows the boot to switch to the rear HIKE position to facilitate the climbing.


  • Thinsulate Electra  :

    It's the first time this technical fiber is used in a ski boot. The thinsulate guarantees the best thermal insulation you can find on the market, according to recent lab studies. Being extremely thin, the fiber doesn't affect the quality of the liner, allowing an optimum fit for a better skiability.


  • Canting  :

    To adjust the canting, make the cuff screw under the shell loose, bend your knees a few times making sure your soles are flat on the ground. While you're bent, ask someone to tight the screw again.

  • Standard Din 2K  :

    This is the flat alpine sole that we traditionally find on standard boots. ISO 5355 certified, they work on a reliable manner with traditional alpine bindings ISO 9462. certified.

  •  :

    A lever at the rear of the cuff lets you change very easily from SKI position to HIKE position and vice versa. Lever up: hike position Lever down: ski position

  • PU outsole
  • Rocker Heelpads  :

    Boots in the ALLTRACK range are delivered with heel pieces conforming to the ALPINE - ISO 5355 standard Heelpieces conforming to Touring (ISO 9523) and WTR standards are available in kit form. These rubber Rocker heelpieces make walking significantly easier through improved surface grip due to a natural foot roll. Their design also enables a very high level of skiability, with the rigid zones giving the boot added strength under torsion. With the WTR standard, they offer a safety level identical to ALPINE ISO soles in bindings with the WTR standard (LOOK XM) 2 heelpiece kits are available - for boots with anti-slip soles and for boots without anti-slip soles.

Choice helper :
  • How to put on your ski boots ?
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