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Ski boot Hero Sensor3 100 White


£260.91 VAT included
Winter 2016
Advanced - Expert

Ski boot Rossignol Hero Sensor3 100 White

Shoe Size information : We recommend to pick one size up from your normal shoe size.

The Hero Series puts into everyone's hands (or feet) technologies developped by Rossignol for champion skiers like Tessa Worley or Marion Rolland during World Cup competitions. That starts with a polyether shell. Polyether is less sensitive to temperature variations than other materials. That means your boot keeps a consistent flex whether you're skiing on a hot spring day or during a freezing snow storm. 

The polyurethan shell and the Foam Fit liner with asymmetrical padding offer to skiers precise energy transfers and reactivity thanks to a 100 flex, but it also brings comfort within reach thanks to a 100mm forefoot width. The Sensor technology was also redesigned to offer more control. 


What our testers say : Performance designed for advanced skiers who need something sporty, but not a world cup racing boot. There's enough reactivity and snap into that thing for killing slalom records, but it's also comfy and allows for cruising a bit if you feel like it. A flex at 100 is a good balance between both, a sort of bridge between comfort and high performance.  

Product Name
Rossignol Hero Sensor3 100 White
Product price
Specs Ski boot Rossignol Hero Sensor3 100 White
Year 2016

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• Advanced - Expert
Boot category
• Sporty
• Yes
• 100 mm
Removable Liner
• Yes
• 4 aluminium hooks
Micrometric Settings
• 4 Micro Settings
Macro Settings
• 2 buckles macro settings
weight (grams)
La paire (Taille 26.5): 4520gr

Manufacturer info :


  • 100


  • Yes


  • 100 mm

Shell and Cuff

  • Polyurethane cuff
  • Polyurethan shell


  • Foam Fit Liner  :

    Asymmetrical, anatomical molding process with a Foam padding material, creating a liner with immediate comfort and fit, as well as extra precision and control. 2 differents densities - FOAM FIT PLUS & FOAM FIT (SOFTER).

  • One Piece Toe Box  :

    A toe box made of one piece to avoid pressure points when you put the boot on. The tongue is seamless on the fore area and the instep zone is padded, allowing to avoid pressure points on toes and instep.


  • Diagonal buckles  :

    The diagonal buckles orient the bails and catches in a diagonal direction, providing a better shell wrap and fit. The diagonal angle pulls the foot backwards into the heel pocket. They are also easier to align when entering and exiting the boot.


  • Canting  :

    To adjust the canting, make the cuff screw under the shell loose, bend your knees a few times making sure your soles are flat on the ground. While you're bent, ask someone to tight the screw again.

  • PU  Foam Hard bootboard
  • Comfort heelpads  :

    The heel pas is made of a bi-material with a part of gripping rubber for an easier walk.

weight (grams)

  • La paire (Taille 26.5): 4520gr

Choice helper :
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  • How to put on your ski boots ?
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