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Ski set Amphibio 84 XTI


Ski Binding Warden 11 C90 Dark Grey Black

View detailed description Ski set, Elan 2017

All-mountain ski, the Elan Amphibio 84 XTI enjoys its asymmetrical structure to ride fast turns non-stop and and gun down the hill at Mach 2. Stunning edge hold in every snow conditions.

£584.10 VAT included
Winter 2017
Advanced - Expert
All-Mountain 70% Piste
Size 170cm - Radius 15.8m

Elan Amphibio 2017

Alpine Ski Elan Amphibio 84 XTI

The Amphibio 84 XTI made in Elan is an atypical ski endowed with the Amphibio 4D technology, an asymmetrical construction between the right and the left side with a convex tip and a concave tail. This unique shape allows to ease the turn initiations and the exits become more fluid. This all-mountain ski is reinforced with titanium to improve the power underfoot to push the limits even further and it delivers breathtaking sensations on every terrains. 

What can the Elan Amphibio 84 XTI ski do? 

This all-mountain ski provides a stunning grip for stupendous performances. The rocker eases the turn initiations but doesn’t restrains it once on the edge. It is really surprising when you carve at high speed to be able to change you radius and exit the turn even faster. The Amphibio 84 XTI provides a surgical accuracy and an incredible stability. It almost feels like an alpine ski designed for the competition. Of course this rocket is not made-for-the-average-Josephine and requires a really good technique not to get thrown out after the first turn, but what a bomb! The Amphibio 84 XTI is also astounding in the crud snow and in the powder on the sides of the slopes. Its look and its shape might be weird but the result is here. Well done Elan! 

Who is the Elan Amphibio 84 XTI ski designed for? 

It is designed for technically strong riders with good thighs and seeking for what’s best out there. This powerful all-mountain ski is a groomer ripper. Corduroy beware, you will be trenched! 

What are the main assets of the Elan Amphibio 84 XTI ski? 



Carves to the perfection 

Note: the sale of this item implies a personalisation of the product (drilling the skis). The right of cancellation cannot be exercised on these products, according to the Article L121-20-2 of the French Consumer Code. No refund or exchange will be accepted.

Product Name
Elan Amphibio 84 XTI
Product price
Specs Alpine Ski Elan Amphibio 84 XTI
Year 2017

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• Advanced - Expert
Ski category
• All-Mountain.70% Piste
Specific abilities
• None
Structure - Construction
• Sandwich
• Wood core
Tip Yes
Tail Yes
Ski Camber
• Classic
Type of turns
• Multi-turns
• Directional (front tip)
Weight of the pair in grams

Manufacturer info :

Type of turns

  • Multi-turns


  • Directional (front tip)  :

    The ski shape allows only a directional use.

Structure - Construction

  • Amphibio 4D  :

    Elan Amphibio 4D works in harmony with our existing Amphibio Technology on all terrain, in all snow conditions and at any speed. This technology regulates grip, improves performance, and adds control. 4D Technology splits the ski between Front (convex) and rear (concave) sections of the ski, through the use of a Dual Shaped Ti and also designates a Left and Right construction for improved agility (rocker) and better stability (camber). This design allows Amphibio 4D to adapt performance to meet the needs of the most demanding skiers.

  • RST Racing sidewalls  :

    The vertical sidewalls deliver optimum edge hold from tip-to-tail and a direct transfer of power to the edges at high speed.

  • Dual Shaped XTI
  • Power woodcore  :

    It consists of wooden stringers vertically connected with laminates that form power frame inside the synthetic core.The power frame enables higher torsional stability combined with enhanced responsiveness. Furthermore, this construction generates better edge hold in tip and tail area and features uniform ski flex.

Camber type

  • Classic camber  :

    When the ski sits flat on the ground, the tip and the tail are in contact with it while the midsection rises above. It is this section that maximises the energy transmission towards the edge, ideal for piste skiing. It also provides a rebound which enhances energy return and pop.

Rocker type

  • Tip and tail rocker  :

    Full length rocker perfect for surfing powder. It floats easily and ensures smooth and effortless turns. Landings are easier too.


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Ski Binding Salomon Warden 11 C90 Dark Grey Black

Product Name
Salomon Warden 11 C90 Dark Grey Black
Product price
Specs Ski Binding Salomon Warden 11 C90 Dark Grey Black
Year 2018




Binding category
• Freeski
Release value (DIN)
Minimum 3.5
Maximum 11
Setting of the binding
Type Heel piece
Toe component height Automatic
Toe component width Automatic
Brakes width (mm)

Manufacturer info :


  • 3.5


  • 11

Weight of the pair in grams

  • 1850

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