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Snow Binding NX2 Cadmium


View detailed description Snow Binding, Flow 2018

The NX2 Cadmium is a powerful snowboard binding designed by Flow for advanced and expert riders who want a reliable binding powered by premium materials.

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Winter 2018

Snow Binding Flow NX2 Cadmium

Just like the NX2-GT, the regular NX2 Iridium is another legend in Flow’s line of bindings. Driven by performance, the NX2 features canted footbeds for a more natural position and a better ankle to knee alignment. The composite highback delivers smooth energy transfers and makes the binding a touch more forgiving than the GT version. The 1-piece strap ensures a snug and comfortable hold and provides tons of control to the rider while the binding benefits from Flow’s rear entry system: functional and easy!  

What can the Flow NX2 Cadmium snowboard binding do?  

If charging groomers and slashing powder is your dope, then you’re going to get hyped with the NX2 Cadmium. With this high-end powerful binding on your feet you can ride the entire mountain with confidence. The reliable construction offers tons of performance on variable terrains and the highback delivers a reassuring support when you most need it. Whether you carve hard and fast or surf powder like you were on a californian wave, the NX2 feels comfortable and damps like a good binding should be. We thoroughly recommend it! 

Who is the Flow NX2 Cadmium snowboard binding designed for?  

The NX2 Cadmium is primarily intended for advanced and expert riders looking for a high-performance binding that can plow through any terrain and compliment any style while it remains comfortable and powerful.  

What are the main assets of the Flow NX2 Cadmium snowboard binding?  




Product Name
Flow NX2 Cadmium
Product price
Specs Snow Binding Flow NX2 Cadmium
Year 2018

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Entry System
• Quick Entry
• FS All mountain
Inserts compatibility
Compatibility Burton 3D Yes
Compatibility Burton ICS Yes
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4 Yes
Baseplate stiffness
Highback Stiffness
Straps Stiffness
Various Complement

Manufacturer info :


  • FS All mountain

Baseplate - Chassis

  • Aluminium Alloy Rockered Baseplate
  • 2,5° BankBeds  :

    Improves comfort and energy transfer


  • ATM.8
  • Glass-Filled Nylon ModBack  :

    The modular hibacks separate the lower and the upper zones for targeted strength, support, and flex where you need it. The Alu ModBacks offer more stiffness and response, while the GF-Nylon ModBacks offer a lively and fun feel. On the NX2, Fuse, and ISIS series, the lower zone also automatically triggers N.A.S.T.Y.

  • OC-Kush Forefoot  :

    OC-Kush cushioning dampens landing and absorbs chatter. Featured on the NX2 series in the OC-Kush basepad, which fits perfectly to the rockered baseplate shape for efficient energy transfer. Some NX2 and Fuse series models features OC-Kush toe and heel impact inserts for additional comfort

Straps - Buckles

  • A-Fusion Powerstrap  :

    Giving you more feel and optimal performance, the unique Flow PowerStraps cover a larger area of the foot especially your critical mid-foot zone. PowerStraps don’t need to be cranked down which avoids cramping, fatigue and cold toes while transferring more power directly to your board edges. They also keep a stable position for true SpeedEntry convenience.


    The FUSION PowerStrap is 3D-shaped, fuses the ankle & toe zones over the midfoot, and is padded for a super comfortable form-fit to your boot.

    Featuring our new LSR-buckles, FUSION PowerStraps fuse the worlds of SpeedEntry and SideEntry so you can opt for either based on individual preference or the situation you are in.

    Choose between either the Symmetrical I-FUSION for great all around support and freestyle feel or the Asymmetrical

    A-FUSION for extra lateral support and responsiveness, the FUSION PowerStraps deliver the very best in comfort

    and performance.

  • Locking Slap Ratchet - LSR Aluminium  :

    The Aluminium Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR) buckles give you the option to easily get in and out of your bindings any which way you like. The Aluminium design also reduces friction and weight.

  • Nasty Active Strap Technology  :

    Dual-Entry has never been more convenient without sacrificing the superior performance, comfort, and power transmission that Flow bindings are famous for. With the revolutionary Active Strap Technology, the strap automaticallylift up when you open the reclining hiback and actively tightens again when you close the hiback. Active Strap Technology reduces friction and creates more room so that getting in and out of your binding is faster and easier than ever. Flow has changing the game in binding performance.


  • Aluminium Offset MultiDisk  :



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