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Snow Binding Gnunior White


View detailed description Snow Binding, Gnu 2017

Junior snowboard binding, the 2017 GNU Gnunior White is ultra comfortable and easy to use. Straps and baseplate are padded and the flexy highback delivers optimal forgiveness. Rear-entry system.

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Winter 2017

Snow Binding Gnu Gnunior White

The Gnunior White is a junior-specific snowboard binding that returns for a new season, still as functional as it was last year. It features the notorious Gnu rear entry system making things a lot easier and faster. Just pull down the highback and slide your boot into the baseplate. It takes seconds and it’s super easy. The binding also features an oversized buckle that even the smallest hands can manipulate. 

What can the GNU Gnunior White junior snowboard binding do? 

If the model is successful year after year, it is for reasons. Designed to offer tons of progression to future champions, the Gnunior features a flexy construction and feels ultra forgiving and predictable. The energy transmissions are smooth and the mellow feel inspires confidence for linking turns. The binding offers support and hold with a solid secure feel and ensures tons of fun on the slopes. The comfortable straps and the easy entry system will get kids hyped and hooked onto their boards! 

Who is the GNU Gnunior White junior snowboard binding designed for? 

GNU designed this kid-specific binding to help junior rippers ratchet their skills up a notch. Its ergonomic comfort and its ease of use make it a ride of choice for any junior rider on progression. 

What are the main assets of the GNU Gnunior White junior snowboard binding? 

Soft flex 

Rear-entry system 

Oversized buckle on ankle strap 


Product Name
Gnu Gnunior White
Product price
£67.60  instead of  £96.71
Specs Snow Binding Gnu Gnunior White
Year 2017

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Entry System
• Quick Entry
• FR All mountain
Inserts compatibility
Compatibility Burton 3D No
Compatibility Burton ICS No
Compatible insert 4x2 Yes
Compatibility Insert 4X4 Yes
Baseplate stiffness
Highback Stiffness
Straps Stiffness
Various Complement

Manufacturer info :


  • FR All mountain

Baseplate - Chassis

  • Speed Bed  :

    Snow-shedding footbed with micro traction.


  • Pressure Relief Button
  • Reclining Highback with Auto Open Straps  :

    Rear entry speed and ease advantage

Straps - Buckles

  • Cam Lever Buckles  :

    Quick tool-less adjustment


  • Speed Entry System  :

    You will get in and out of our bindings faster and easier with less effort thanks to the Reclining Highback and Auto Open Strap.

    - Reclining Highback : Rear entry advantage
    - Auto Open Ankle Strap : Opens auto MAGICALLY !
    - Auto Lever : Simplified entry
    Cable Redirection : Unimpede Movement


Choice helper :
  • How to set your bindings ?
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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)