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Snowboard Charlie Slasher


View detailed description Snowboard, Capita 2017

Capita freeride snowboard, the Charlie Slasher is a men’s snowboard featuring a long rockered nose designed for surfing on deep powder and slashing high speed turns in the backcountry.

£395.12 VAT included
Saving: £118.62
Winter 2017
Intermediate - Advanced
Waist width 256 mm
Size 158cm - Camber Flat

Snowboard Capita Charlie Slasher

Note: The colour of the bases may be different from the picture displayed on the website, manufacturers combine colours randomly.

To make things simple, the Capita Charlie Slasher is one of the best snowboards available on the market. Designed with powder in mind, the board comes with a long rockered nose making floatation natural and effortless and a flat camber under the rest of the board for more fluidity and a looser feel on the fluff. The directional shape enhances control and freeride performance, making this board pretty exclusive and not very park-friendly

What can the Capita Charlie Slasher snowboard do? 

Powder alerts do not ring every day but when they do...you know it’s party time! Take the Charlie Slasher out of its bag and run to be on the first chair. This board cannot be compared to any other board out there. It’s a powder hound, a freeride blast, a surfing machine, a board delivering unique performance on the backside of the mountain. Incredibly floaty and nimble, you can ride down any path. Under the chairlift, between the trees, through the pillows and over the cornices, there is nothing this board can’t do. Featuring a huge rocker in the nose, the Charlie Slasher plows its way across the mountain and glides super fast thanks to the Wax Infused Enduro Base. Get your slash turns on lock cause you’re going to need them on this ride! 

Who is the Capita Charlie Slasher snowboard designed for? 

If you are an advanced or an expert rider, if you favourite playground is made of powder and if your average riding speed is fast, then the Charlie Slasher is for you. Incredibly efficient off piste, it’s a board suited for riding on holy powdery days and for ripping the steeps! 

What are the main assets of the Capita Charlie Slasher snowboard? 

Powder floatiness 


Product Name
Capita Charlie Slasher
Product price
£276.50  instead of  £395.12
Specs Snowboard Capita Charlie Slasher
Year 2017

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• Intermediate - Advanced
Snowboard category
• Freeride
Snowboard detailed program
Snowboard criteria
Snowboard camber
• Flat
• Directional
• 4X2

Manufacturer info :


  • Directional


  • 4X2

Structure - Construction

  • Carbon Fiber Beams  :

    Known for its rigidity, high tensile strength, low weight, high temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion, Carbon Fiber is one of the most popular materials used in today's high performance applications. This lightweight, strong material, when moulded into a snowboard, increases power and response while remaining ultralight.

  • Dynaweave Fiberglass  :

    The Dynaweave configuration features a resin/glass application borrowed from the marine industry, which yields much stronger and more rigid qualities allowing us to decrease the wood core thickness? The main focus is to save wood core weight by increasing resin performance. This means you get a lighter board while achieving higher Triax glass on the top of the core and biax beneath, creating more response while increasing strength and durability. Combine this layup with one of the many additives we have availableand you get a high performing board tailored to meet your style of riding.

  • Full ABS Sidewalls with Silkcreened Graphics  :

    ABS Sidewalls

  • RFC Dual Species Touring Core With Split Ready ABS Centerline  :

    Ever wanted to run our Charlie Slasher as a split board but didn't want to risk the integrity of the core ? The dual Species Touring Core takes the DNA of a new Charlie Slasher Poplar/Beech combo core and adds a doublewide ABS sidewall down the center line. This allows you the versatility to keep your Charlie intact as a powder machine, or to split it down the middle into a touring set without risking water damage to the core. Reforestation certified.

Rocker - Camber

  • Powder Profile  :

    Mono reverse camber allows your nose to float above the snowline, while zero camber retains power throughout the tail to stomp landings and slash the hell out of everything.


  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • Wax Infused Enduro™ Base  :

    The wax infused Enduro™ Base is a favorite in the Capita collection beacause of its versatility. This base material strikes a unique and sought after balance between high performance and low maintenance. They are highly wax absorbent and allow longer time periods between waxing sessions. These bases are created by taking pellets of extra-high-molecular-weight Polyethylene and compressing them through heat and pressure. The minuscule spaces left behind absorb wax and allow for extended periods of high speed shredding as the wax wricks to the surface while you ride. This prevents your base from drying out and keeps the surface feeling freshly waxed throughout the day. Properly maintened sintered bases are fast, durable, and are the preferred choice of pro snowboarders worldwide.

  • PLT Topsheet Technology
  • Titanal Base Inlay


SizeWaist width (mm)

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Available sizes :
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • 154
  • SM (39.5 et -)
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