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Symbioz Hyperflex Elite Ruby + Country Alu 3 Light Auvergne 63-135Cm Black Yellow

Uber flexible TSL all-terrain snowshoes. Delivers optimal foot roll and ergonomic adjustments. Steel crampons and carbon inserts ensure best traction and holding with great reactivity.

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Category Alpine trekking
Reference nr H19TSLACC051

The TSL Symbioz Elite snowshoe is equipped with the Hyperflex concept which allowsa perfect foot roll while adapting to the profile of the terrain. The carbon reinforcements provide elasticity and responsiveness. The energy stored during the flexion is released at the end of the stride, which increases the power of walking and limits the efforts. The carbon reinforcements act dynamically at all phases of support. The deformation of the chassis of the Symbioz Elite is progressive, responsive, precise and homogeneous, in flexion as in torsion. Thecarbon reinforcements limit vibrations and improve muscle relaxation as well as the feeling of freedom and ease

Never before has a snowshoe had such an impressive grip. Combined with the vertical blades, the bi-directionalstainless steel crampons under the feet provide optimal traction on ascents, excellent retention on descents and perfect lateral grip on slopes. The flexible frame follows the shape of the terrain, providing superb support and safety and preventing slippage in powder snow. The front claw provides maximum traction on steep slopes, while the vertical blades provide perfect traction and hold on both steep and soft snow. 8 interchangeable stainless steel crampons, similar to mountaineering crampons, ensure grip on all types of snow.

Comfortable and quick tightening of the binding is ensured by the memorizable pre-settings. The Symbioz telescopic bindings are comfortable and quick toput on thanks to their memorizable pre-settings. They accentuate the foot roll provided by the frame. The Easy-Ascent wedge, integrated into the binding, is engaged by a simple push of the pole. Plus, when climbing, you won't feel any punching under your foot, as your weight is distributed across the entire heel of the binding.


  • Flexible telescopic binding that respects the rolling of the foot
  • Lock Adjustment: easy to use, this adjustment allows you to memorize your shoe size for all snowshoeing trips.
  • Memory Lock System: quick tightening with memorization of the front volume of the boot.
  • Lateral Adjust: lateral memory adjustment to fit any width of shoe
  • Pre-adjustment ankle: allows the comfort strap to be centered on the boot and to memorize its position
  • Heel tightening by rack and pinion instep strap for a quick and precise fit
  • Textile comfort strap
  • Noise and shock absorber
  • EASY ASCENT automatic climbing wedge that can be activated with the pole. No punching sensation under the foot when climbing, as the weight is distributed over the entire heel of the binding
  • Compatible with snowboard boots
  • Carrying case

Size S :

  • Sizes: 37 to 44
  • User weight : 30 to 80 kg
  • Weight of the pair : 1 860 g

Size M :

  • Sizes: 39 to 47
  • User weight: 50 to 120 kg
  • Weight of pair: 1,960 g

Size L :

  • Sizes: 41 to 50
  • User weight: 70 to 140 kg
  • Weight of pair: 2,160 g


NATURAL APPROACH: Thanks to their hyper-flexibility, their lightness and their ergonomic bindings, Symbioz snowshoes adapt to all types of terrain with an amazing foot roll. The elasticity and responsiveness of the reinforcements provide even more freedom and ease.


All TSL snowshoes have a wasp-waist shape for a natural gait. Feet can cross without the snowshoes overlapping.


A system that allows for quick, optimal tightening and memory of the front volume of the boot.


Comfort is the order of the day thanks to a lateral adjustment that allows for the integration of any width of shoe for an optimal envelopment of the foot.


Simply activate the locking device and slide the heel cup to the desired size to memorize the setting for all outings.


Noise and shock absorber. What could be more unpleasant than walking noisily in the silent countryside? TSL has solved this problem with the SSAS noise and shock absorber.


Automatic climbing wedge! Climbing wedges make it easier to walk on long ascents and reduce calf muscle fatigue. No need to bend down. The EASY ASCENT climbing wedge works with the pole.

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