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Touring ski boot Neo CR Women


View detailed description Touring ski boot, Dynafit 2017

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    We recommend to pick 1/2 a size up from your normal shoe size.

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Winter 2017
Advanced - Expert

Touring ski boot Dynafit Neo CR Women

Size information : We recommend to pick 1/2 a size up from your normal shoe size.

The Neo CR Women touring boot stands in the middle of the Speed Touring TLT and the basic Radical model. It features a polyurethan construction that offers hold and support for downhill performance and it remains light for the uphill with only 1488g on the weighing scale. The Neo CR Women also comes with the Ultralock 2.0 Closure System which is a buckle that allows you to lock your boot in ski mode or let the cuff move freely in walk mode. 

What can the Dynafit Neo CR Women touring boot do? 

It is a great all-rounder, versatile and user friendly. The boot feels light and supple when you’re skinning up, it doesn’t slow you down or waste your energy. The walk mode delivers a great mobility allowing long steps and easy kick turns. But what makes a good touring boot is its ability at skiing up AND downhill. The Neo CR is not disappointing either way. When you switch it back on ski mode, the boot delivers a consistent flex ensuring support and precision even on steep slopes. 

Who is the  Dynafit Neo CR Women touring boot designed for? 

It is a boot for women skiers who want to have the cake and eat it too. The Neo CR Women by Dynafit is that kind of boot that delivers high performance when the path points uphill and high performance when you’re riding downhill. Top this up with comfort thanks to an ergonomic fit provided by the Custom Ready liner and you’ll never want to take the boot off. 

What are the main assets of the Dynafit Neo CR Women touring boot? 




Product Name
Dynafit Neo CR Women
Product price
£280.50  instead of  £374.01
Specs Touring ski boot Dynafit Neo CR Women
Year 2017
Sizes 25 (39 1/3) - 25.5 (40) - 26.5 (41 1/3)




• Advanced - Expert
Boot category
• Touring
• Yes
Removable Liner
• Yes
• 3 magnesium hooks
Micrometric Settings
• 2 Micro Settings
Macro Settings
• 1 Buckle Macro setting
weight (grams)
La paire (25.5) 2976gr

Manufacturer info :


  • Yes

Shell and Cuff

  • PU shell
  • Driving Spoiler  :

    The rear spoiler (patent pending) slides inside the cuff, allowing the widest and smoothest cuff rotation possible. Once the Ultra-Lock system is closed, it becomes locked with the cuff, building a super-stiff downhill structure. It also alleviates friction between cuff and the inner liner, helping retain your heel in place for better walk-ability and no blisters. It features an adjustable downhill forward lean angle.

  • Collar rotation 60°


  • Custom Ready liner  :

    The Custom Ready liner is very comfortable. It is made with an inner liner that reduces friction and with an outer liner enhancing durability.


  • 35mm Strap  :

    The strap ensures a extra holding to the buckles, it increases the transmission sensation of the shin.

  • Ratchet Buckle  :

    This new patented ratchet was designed to work perfectly with the Ultra-Lock System. Made of magnesium, it's adjustable and allows the boot to adapt to your calf.

  • Ultra-Lock System  :

    The revolutionary magnesium locking system (patent pending) allows simultaneous opening or closing of the cuff buckle while changing between ski and walk mode. The buckle has an additional pivot point to reduce the side exposure of the locking pin.


  • Dynafit Quick Step-in  :

    With patented inserts Quick Step-In, the entry is 70% easier than in other models.

  • Touring Standard  :

    The Touring grip ends are ISO 9523 certified. They offers a notched rubber sole delivering a more natural way of walking increasing the grip on slippery surfaces. The ISO 9523 certified boots are compatible with the traditional DIN alpine bindings. Even if you can clip them on, the triggering value can change. Make sure that the touring bindings can be associated with ISO 9523 certified ski boots.

weight (grams)

  • La paire (25.5) 2976gr

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