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Package Fully Functionnal Five

Lib Tech

Touring Binding Guardian MNC 13 C115 White Black

View detailed description Touring Ski Pack, Lib Tech 2016

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  2. Bindings

    • Guardian MNC 13 C130 White Black
      Available sizes :
      L (305-360mm)
      Category :
      Release value :
      from 5 to 13
    • Duke 16 EPF 110mm Black Black
      Available sizes :
      L (305-365mm)
      Category :
      Free touring
      Release value :
      from 6 to 16
    • Freeride Pro XL Rouge 115mm
      Available sizes :
      XL (330-365mm)
      Category :
      Free touring
      Release value :
      from 4 to 12
    • Duke 16 EPF 136mm Black Black
      Available sizes :
      L (305-365mm)
      Category :
      Free touring
      Release value :
      from 6 to 16

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sales alpine ski w17
Winter 2016
Advanced - Expert
Freestyle Backcountry
Size 175cm - Radius 16.5m

Alpine Ski Lib Tech Fully Functionnal Five

It’s always nice to start selling new brands and we’re happy to incoporate Lib Tech to our ski offering. Of course, Lib Tech is not new to the game, they’ve been making amazing snowboards for years but skiers can stop being jealous as they’ll finally be able to enjoy Lib Tech’s quality.  

What can the Lib Tech Fully Functionnal Five do? 

This 115mm waisted beast (in 175cm) is begging for powder and it keeps crying here in the shop. So if you have a bit of empathy, please take it and bring it to the mountain. The Fully Functionnal Five is a big Freestyle Backcountry bad boy that redefines the word performance when thrown on powder. Its large sidecuts coupled with its tip and tail rockers ensure optimal floatation and manoeuverability. If you are creative, you will know what to do with the ski. From pillow fields to natural gaps and kickers through dances in the trees, you’ll hardly ever get bored. The ski rocks all terrains and snow conditions, it moves like a snake in the mountain and delivers happiness to everyone who steps on it. Featuring the Magne Traction technology enhancing edge control, the ski can make its way on harder snow and groomers. However, with its two big rockers you only get an actual 105cm running edge meaning you won’t get hardcore edge grip like you would on a racing ski. But hey, it’s not a racing ski, so it makes sense. 

Who is the Lib Tech Fully Functionnal Five designed for?  

Best suited for advanced and expert skiers who spend their time shredding the backcoountry, the Fully Functionnal Five is a nimble powder toy and a trick machine. It is quite exclusive and demanding, it’s not the kind of ski you can use everyday but only when conditions allow it.  

What are the main assets of the Lib Tech Fully Functionnal Five?  




Note: the sale of this item implies a personalisation of the product (drilling the skis). The right of cancellation cannot be exercised on these products, according to the Article L121-20-2 of the French Consumer Code. No refund or exchange will be accepted.

Product Name
Lib Tech Fully Functionnal Five
Product price
£377.90  instead of  £629.92
Specs Alpine Ski Lib Tech Fully Functionnal Five
Year 2016
Sizes 175




• Advanced - Expert
Ski category
• Freestyle.Backcountry
Specific abilities
• None
Bois + Fibres
Tip Yes
Tail No
Ski Camber
• Classic
Type of turns
• Multi-turns
• Bidirectional (twin tip)
Weight of the pair in grams

Manufacturer info :

Type of turns

  • Multi-turns


  • Bidirectional (twin tip)  :

    The ski shape allows to ski forward or backward.

Structure - Construction

  • Anvitex dampener  :

    Damping layer

  • Magne-Traction  :

    SERRATED STEAKNIFE EDGE GRIP: Magne-Traction adds edgehold and focuses the control and power under your feet where your balance is centered. Each bump or serration is strategically sized and positioned. The most aggressive bumps are in the center near and under your boot for maximum edgehold and control. The bumps are progressively less aggressive out towards the tip and tails creating catch-free user friendly tips and tails. Magne-Traction’s incredible edge control when combined with reCURVE’s easy turn initiation and float make for an unreal smooth ride in all terrain and conditions from ice to pow.

  • Power A core  :

    Core sandwich construction using Aspen, Paulownia and fiber.

  • Tri Axial Fiber  :

    Triaxial braiding consists of braiding fiberglass around a wood core to provide torsional rigidity for added control.

Camber type

  • Classic camber  :

    When the ski sits flat on the ground, the tip and the tail are in contact with it while the midsection rises above. It is this section that maximises the energy transmission towards the edge, ideal for piste skiing. It also provides a rebound which enhances energy return and pop.


  • Pow reCurve Tech  :

    Pow specific reCURVE (Rocker/Camber/Rocker) incorporates the additional float, lift and pre-initiation of rocker beyond the short camber fulcrum.

Rocker type

  • Tip and tail rocker  :

    Full length rocker perfect for surfing powder. It floats easily and ensures smooth and effortless turns. Landings are easier too.


  • Bio Beans Top  :

    Lib Tech has made a commitment to using a new earth friendly, bio-plastic top skin made from beans that features the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any top sheet in the industry.

  • Sintered Base  :

    There are two kinds of bases on the market. Extruded and sintered ones. A sintered base is a lot harder and therefore a lot more durable, it handles abrasion better. 


SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)

Touring Binding Salomon Guardian MNC 13 C115 White Black

The regulation of fins is automatic and is made when you take them on, no manipulation. 

Fast, easy and practical passage from the skiing mode to the hiking mode without having to remove the shoes of skis. 

A precision and a control increased to push back the limits of your performances. 

Profile lowered for a better felt of the ground and a transmission of the greater power. 

An extra-wide platform which insures a maximal side transmission of the power. 

Autoretractable brakes: adapted to the current skis and to the modern practice, they prevent any inconvenient catcher on the receptions switch. 

Grown-up standards and certification multistandards. 

U Base front part. 

Product Name
Salomon Guardian MNC 13 C115 White Black
Product price
£166.20  instead of  £277.12
Specs Touring Binding Salomon Guardian MNC 13 C115 White Black
Year 2017
Sizes L (305-360mm)




Binding category
• Touring
Release value (DIN)
Minimum 5
Maximum 13
Setting of the binding
Type Heel piece
Toe component height Manual
Toe component width Automatic
Brakes width (mm)

Manufacturer info :


  • 5


  • 13

Weight (kg)

  • 2.92 la paire

Binding technologies

  • Ride / Hike  :

    Ultra-light base for optimum energy transfer and reactivity, improving turns even at high speed. The super low and stiff construction allows extreme stability and direct contact with the terrain. Switch between Hike and Ride mode effortlessly by a simple translation of your body weight, and lock it safely.

    Kick turns are easily done thanks to a 90° rotation of the binding.

    Switch from Ride to Hike mode by a simple push with your pole.  

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  • Are the skis ready-to-use ?
  • Is the equipment guaranteed ?
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