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The 9 best ski helmets of 2019

Ski helmets have two purposes. Keep your skull in one piece when you hit the deck and keep your style at its best. Yes. Helmets are no more just a piece of safety but they're part of any rider's set up. They carry a style, an image. You'll rarely see a freestyler wearing a race helmet or vice versa and you can't say you don't like it when your helmet matches your jacket can you?

Plus, snow helmets come at all prices and even the cheapest helmets offer warmth, comfort and protection. There really are no good reason for not wearing a helmet on the slopes. Manufacturers are being super creative and keep renewing their lines with a broad range of models, colours and features available in each of their helmets. In case you're wondering, all helmets available on Glisshop delivers the same amount of protection and comply (or exceed) with the latest European safety standards. Some will offer more comfort, more adjustability or more lightweight, but all will protect you. 

Through the hundreds of helmets available on our shelves, we've pulled 9 out that we think are great. Great by their look or by the comfort they deliver, great because they're super convenient or because they're innovative, you'll definitely find your dream helmet below.
Snow helmet

Bollé Backline Visor

Visor helmets are pretty new to the game but they blew everything else in no time. Extremely convenient since you don't need to carry your glasses or goggles in a separate pocket, visor helmets have a sturdy look and a solid construction. The Backline Visor from Bollé features a smooth matte finish and comes with 2 lenses (category 1 and 3 for sunny days and whiteouts) which you can easily swap as light conditions change. 
Its Click To Fit system allows you to dial the right fit in seconds while its ABS shell delivers great shock absorption and impact resistance. We thoroughly recommend this helmet to any skier looking for performance, comfort and convenience.

Technical Features

  • Click-to-fit® System

  • Hypoallergenic lining

  • Polycarbonate visor

  • Removable ear pads

  • Injected ABS

  • Rotary Visor

  • Panoramic Vision

  • Adjustable venting

Bolle backline visor side view open
Bolle backline visor side view closed
Bolle backline visor rear view

Casco SP-6 Visor

The SP-6 from Casco is another work of art in the helmet industry. This high-end head protector was inspired from the bike helmet Casco Speedairo. The visor is held by elastic bands running inside the helmet for an optimal hold and fit. Unlike most visor helmets, the visor of the SP-6 doesn't just sit on the helmet but it's integrated to it which offers a better weight distribution and less stress for your neck. Another great feature is the photochromic visor
The lens actually adapts to varying light conditions and keeps visibility at its best whether it's a blue-bird day or flat light. The helmet uses highly breathable material in its liner for a better moisture management (Cool Max fabric) and comes with an adjustable fit system ensuring 5-star comfort. Also, it's an OTG goggle (Over The Glasses) which means if you wear prescription glasses, you can wear them in the goggle! 
We recommend this helmet to skiers who want the best gear on their head. Top comfort, high-end features (photochromic, hydrophobic) and great look!

SP6 ear pads

The ergonomic earpads let you hear everything around but keeps your ears super warm.

SP6 back reel

The small reel at the back of the helmet allows you to dial the perfect fit with two fingers. It's quick, convenient and effective!

SP6 helmet case

This is the beautiful case that comes with the helmet. You can transport it anywhere without worrying about damaging the lens or the shell.

Technical Features

  • Integrated SnowMask

  • Photochromic visor 1 to 3

  • Automatic Climate Control

  • Compatible with glasses (OTG)

  • Hard Shell

  • Passive venting

  • High-quality lens

  • Free carry bag

Casco SP6 front view
Casco SP6 rear view
Casco SP6 side view

Diezz Louna 2

Last but not least in the visor category, here is the Diezz Louna 2, a gorgeous visor helmet that's going to pamper your head like no other helmet. Featuring a hybrid EPS shell for optimal durability and resilience and a Fit System for quick fit adjustments, the Louna 2 offers a comfort that goes beyond the ordinary. The faux-fur lining coupled with the semi-stiff earpads keeps your ears and head warm when it needs to be while the adjustable venting system allows you to cool it down when the sun comes out.
Visor-wise, it's a photochromic lens that's mounted on this beauty which means it can hardly get better. Covering categories 1 to 3 (light conditions), the lens adapts to ambient light to offer the best clarity and visual acuity. Coated with an anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment for added durability, the Louna 2 won't let you down.
It's a helmet we recommend to skiers who pay a lot of attention to details. The helmet's finish is absolutely stunning.

Technical Features

  • Integrated visor

  • Photochromic visor 1 to 3

  • Adjustable fit

  • Adjustable venting

  • Anti-fog coating

  • Anti-scratch treatment

Louna 2 front view
Louna 2 side view
Louna 2 rear view

Briko Vulcano Fis 6.8

This one stands in another category: performance. The Vulcano ski helmet from Briko designed after the helmet that Lindsey Vonn, multiple World Championess and Olympic Championess, wears while she's racing. The helmet actually comes with her signature on it. Carrying the FIS 6.8 safety certification and meeting or exceeding all safety standards, this race helmet offers more protection than you could ask for. Its construction integrates the Protetto technology which is a high performance anti-concussion shock absorbing system and with a soft ABS shell protecting your neck better than most helmets. 
Add to this an aerodynamic design, a micro adjustable chin buckle and an anti-bacterial lining and you get a race machine that's ready for sonic booms. Note that even if the helmet is worn by Lindsey, it's not a womens ski helmet but can suit all genders.

Technical Features

  • Passive venting

  • Micrometric chin buckle

  • Permanent venting

  • FIS certified

Vulcano helmet front view
Vulcano helmet side view 2
Vulcano helmet side view 2
Vulcano helmet rear view

Salomon Ranger 2 MIPS

Much more affordable than the models previously introduced, the Ranger 2 by Salomon is suited for the all-mountain rider who wants the latest technologies on his head. Indeed, if the helmet looks like any other helmet, it's not. It carries the groundbreaking MIPS technology which is a revolutionary protective system designed to reduce rotational motion from angled impacts.
This coupled with an ultra-light construction (350g) and a EPS 4D absorption foam makes this helmet ultra protective and yet super discrete and comfortable. Integrated venting channels help regulate the temperature of your skull and the adjustment reel at the back of the helmet allows you to dial the perfect fit on the fly.
We liked this ski helmet because it is sober, discrete, nicely designed and incredibly innovative. If you want a high-end ski helmet at a great value, this one is a safe bet.

Technical Features

  • EPS 4D foam

  • Removable earpads

  • Audio compatible

  • Adjustment reel

  • Round shape

  • Active venting

  • MIPS Technology

  • Washable lining

Salomon Ranger 2 helmet front view
Salomon Ranger 2 helmet side view
Salomon Ranger 2 helmet rear view

Salomon Icon² Custom Air MIPS

Staying in Salomon's lineup, let's have a look at the Icon² which is a women-specific helmet offering ladies the best levels of protection and comfort. Its In-mold construction and integrated venting channels keep the helmet feather-light and very comfortable. Like the Ranger 2 above, the Icon² comes with the revolutionary MIPS technology designed to reduce torsional friction on angled impacts. 
The sleek and elegant design of this womens ski helmet ensures optimal style on the slopes and no bulk at all. The EPS 4D absorption foam signifantly increases protection without compromising lightweight and makes this helmet a partner of choice in all conditions. 
We recommend this helmet to all women, from the occasional skier looking for style and comfort to the advanced or expert rider who don't want to compromise safety or lightweight.

Technical Features

  • EPS 4D foam

  • Faux fur lining

  • Custome Air Fit system

  • Adjustment reel

  • Round shape

  • Removable/Washable lining

  • MIPS Technology

  • Active venting

Salomon Icon 2 helmet front view
Salomon Icon 2 helmet side view
Salomon Icon 2 helmet rear view

Smith Holt 2

Leaving the all-mountain/classic helmet style aside, this is the Smith Holt 2 helmet, a freestyle-inspired performer that's going to keep your head safe from hitting rails and boxes in the park. Its sleeker and smoother low-profile design gives this helmet an amazing look and tons of performance. It features a sturdy Bombshell construction as well as a 14-point Airflow venting system. Venting is super important when lapping the park. Freestyle requires a lot of efforts and it's enjoyable to keep your head cool!
We also appreciated the warm earpads which are compatible with Outdoor Tech audio systems. What's better than sending your best tricks with your favourite song in your ears huh? Last but not least, the helmet is cheap and turns out to be a great value for money.
And to state the obvious, if you're not a freestyle you can still wear the Holt 2. Style doesn't belong to the park right?

Technical Features

  • Bombshell construction

  • Removable goggle clipper

  • Audio compatible

  • 14-point venting

  • Lifestyle Fit System

  • AirEvac 2 venting

  • Permanent venting

  • Weight: 550g

Smith Holt 2 helmet
Smith Holt 2 helmet side view
Smith Holt 2 helmet rear view

Giro Neo

The Neo by Giro is another valuable quality helmet. Its superior In-Mold construction coupled with the absorbent EPS foam makes the helmet ultra light and resilient to impacts. Its adjustable venting system called Thermostat Control allows you to regulate the air flow that's going through to make sure your skull never gets too cold or too warm.
The Neo also comes with a size adjustment system for you to dial the perfect fit for your head and increase safety in case of impact. The removable earpads are compatible with audio systems to keep you going with the beat. 
We liked this ski helmet because it comes with a look, a construction and features usually found on high-end helmets at a much lower price point. The Neo is also very light and incredibly comfortable.

Technical Features

  • Size adjustment

  • Stack Vent

  • In-Mold Construction

  • Thermostat Control

  • Compatible with Outdoor Tech audio systems

  • Removable earpads

  • Removable and washable lining

  • In Form adjustment system

Giro Neo helmet front view
Giro Neo helmet side view
Giro Neo helmet rear view

Poc Fornix

If you've been glancing information about helmets for a little while now, you must have come across the brand Poc right? We couldn't possibly imagine making a "top products" without including a Poc ski helmet. The Swedish brand has been leading the protective industry for years and released many innovations that made the slopes (snow, dirt, etc) a safer place. Poc is one of the rare brands that managed to mix style and performance like no other. Poc helmets often feature a minimalist and sleek design that looks very clean and yet super strong.
The Fornix describes this perfectly with its rounded lines and sober finish. Its solid in-mold construction and venting system make it ultra light and protective while the size adjustment system delivers 5-star comfort to the tip of your fingers.
Light, stylish and warm, we recommend this helmet to any rider with any skills and style.

Technical Features

  • In-mold construction

  • Adjustable venting

  • In-Mold Aramid Membrane

  • Adjustable size

  • Goggle clipper

  • Weight: 420g