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The 8 best sunglasses of 2019

Sunglasses are needed all year long. Whether you're skiing under a blue bird sky or getting a tan on the beach, you want shades on your nose. Firstly because you don't want to burn your eyes and get a headache for the rest of the day. Second because sunnies are as fashionable as they're useful and can definitely turn your old-school outfit into the next big thing in the streets. 

Here at Glisshop, we are skiers and snowboarders, hikers and bikers, climbers and mountaineers, and if there is one thing we know for sure, it is that sun is great but sun is dangerous. Keep your eyes protected at all times...and upgrade your style with our eyewear!
We have hundreds of glasses available on sale, all meeting the European standards for UV protection and classified according to their light transmittance level going from 0 to 4. The closer to 0, the lighter the lens (suited for cloudy or dark conditions), the closer to 4 the darker the lens (suited for bright light conditions). But knowing what lens category you need won't help you much to choose from our super wide selection, especially if you have no clue about where to start right? 

That's why we've picked 8 sunglasses from our shelves that we think are going to blow next summer. Men's, women's, polarized or mirrored, we've taken a bit of everything for you to choose the right ones for your adventures. Put your spectacles on, you've got some reading to do!
best Sunglasses

Maui Jim Hookipa

When you live under the hawaiian sun 24/7, you do learn how to deal with it. The brand Maui Jim was born in 1980 on Ka'anapali beach in Lahaina on Maui, Hawaï. The founders wanted a technology that would not only protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays but also something that would enhance the beautiful colours of their island and help them pop with more contrast. The brand went from a first lineup with 7 models in to a line of 125 sunglasses, all polarized and filtering 100% of UVAs and UVBs. 

The Hookipa belongs to the MJ Sports range, dedicated to...sports. Suitable for watersports, fishing, surfing, yachting, these sporty shades deliver unparalleled clarity and visual acuity as well as top notch comfort. Their Grilamid frame is extremely resilient and the rubber nose pads and rubber temple tips offer a good grip to keep the glasses in place.
The Hookipa are best suited for medium to wide faces and for anybody who wants to practice his favourite sports with high-end shades on.

Technical Features

  • Class 3

  • Polarized lenses

  • Frameless shape

  • Fashionable style

  • Suitable for driving

  • Suitable for golfing

  • Suitable for fishing

  • Grilamid frame

Maui Jim Hookipa sunglasses general view
Maui Jim Hookipa sunglasses side view
Maui Jim Hookipa sunglasses front view

Maui Jim Cook Pines

Same brand, different style. The Cook Pines from Maui Jim are again, high-end sunglasses that deliver the best possible protection your eyes could get from shades. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, these aviator-syle sunglasses will not only block the UV from getting to your eyes but they also protect efficiently the soft skin that's around them.
The lenses featured on this model are called Blue Hawaii, no need to question why, and they deliver stunning contrasts, poppy colours and a perfect visual clarity. The silver frame is made of pure titanium, a strong material, and the temples and nose pads let the spectacles sit comfortably on any face.
Yet, we think thoses glasses are best suited for wide faces, or for anybody who wants good old classic aviator style shades with state-of-the-art technologies packed in them.

Technical Features

  • Blue Hawaii lenses

  • PolarizedPlus2 lenses

  • Titanium frame

  • Unisex

  • Class 3

  • Driving, watersports

  • Aviator style

  • Size L

Maui Jim Cook Pines general view
Maui Jim Cook Pines front view
Maui Jim Cook Pines side view

Vuarnet Glacier

Vuarnet is another big player in the sunglasses industry, especially when it comes to high-end / high performance sunglasses. With some of the best sunglasses ever made in their line, the brand has unquestionnable skills at making good protective eyewear.
Now, why the Glacier model? Well, apart from the fact that it features Class 3 Skylinx lenses that filter 100% of UVs and deliver ultimate visual clarity, it's because they look cool. They look so cool that you've probably seen them worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond in the Spectre movie.
The Glacier sunglasses are a staple in Vuarnet's catalogue. Originally designed 60 years ago, they were redesigned, upgraded and re-edited for their anniversary.
We liked the removable side shields (magnetic) giving the glasses two very different styles depending if they're on or off. You get real mountaineering glacier sunglasses with them on, blocking wind and side glare, and you get awesome-looking pilot-style shades when you take the shields off. Perfect for cruising the streets in your convertible Aston Martin (works with other cars if you're not James Bond). We also liked the optics quality of the lens. Sharp contrasts, best protection, unbelievable clarity. But all this comes with the name Vuarnet so it's no surprise.

Technical Features

  • Removable side shields

  • Skylinx lenses Cat. 3

  • Acetate & steel frame

  • Leather cord

  • Suited for skiing

  • Suited for mountaineering

Vuarnet Glacier Ecaille Pure Brown Gold Flashed Side
Vuarnet Glacier Ecaille Pure Brown Gold Flashed Side Face

Julbo Cham

Because not everyone can afford a pair of Vuarnet Glacier, we thought we'd include another glacier-style glasses into our selection, at a lower price-point. This one is from Julbo, a french century-old brand that has always stood by the mountains and developed its products accordingly. By the way, Cham stands for Chamonix, the town that sits at the foot of the Mont Blanc.
So what about the Cham? The model stands as one of the most iconic shades in the brand's catalogue. Updated with modern technologies and refined materials, the new Cham and their timeless look are going to be another hit in 2019. Featuring removable side shields for optimal protection and adjustable temples for the ultimate fit, the Cham feature cat. 3 Spectron 3 CF lenses to keep your eyes protected when you're high up in the mountain, closer to the sun.
These polycarbonate lenses enhance contrasts for a crisp rendering and sharper contrasts. Here's what it looks like through them:

We really like the Cham glasses because they are a real alternative to other more expensive models. You won't sacrifice performance or comfort with those and you will definitely look way cooler than any of your friends ;)

Technical Features

  • Grip Tech

  • 360° adjustable temple tips

  • Total Cover

  • Removable Side Shields

  • Category 3

  • Spectron 3 CF lenses

  • Glacier style

  • Filters 100% UVs

Oakley Latch

If you'd never heard of the previous brands we've talked about, that'd be ok, we'd forgive you. However, you'd have no excuses for not knowing Oakley, one of the worldwide leaders in the eyewear industry. Oakley is renowned for making ultra precise lenses with outstanding optical clarity. Oakley's engineers keep pushing the limits of physics to develop new technologies on a regular basis, helping the brand to stay ahead of competition. Look at the Prizm technology for instance which is a unique lens construction designed to help colours pop and refines contrasts.
The Latch are the sunnies you want if you care about your style. Inspired from the world of skateboarding and derived in a variety of colours and shades, the Latch are the go-to shades for a daily wear in the streets.
But they're not just a piece of fashion. Their Prizm lenses deliver more vivid, vibrant colours with brighter reds, blues or greens. Their Three-Point Fit system maximises comfort and fit while the O-Matter frame keeps the mount light and almost unbreakable.
We recommend the Latch to anybody looking for great sunglasses at bargain price. The Latch are available with different finish, if you want to upgrade to polarized lenses, you can!

Technical Features

  • Three Point Fit

  • O-Matter™ frame

  • Unobtainium grip pads

  • HDO® Technology

  • Plutonite lenses

  • Category 3

Cébé Everest

The Everest have a name that suit them well. Designed for mountaineering, these high-performance sunglasses from Cébé come with magnetic side shields that help block peripheral light or side wind when you're in high altitude. Take the shields off and turn your glasses into a casual model to tackle the streets with. Temple tips and nosepads are reinforced with a grippy rubber that keeps the shades in place no matter how hard you sweat and the category 4 mineral lenses deliver the ultimate solar protection and resistance to impacts.
We think these glasses are a great deal for all sporty climbers, hikers and tourers out there. Cébé utilises the best lenses available on a light and stylish mount that's going to keep your eyes safe anywhere you go.

Technical Features

  • Magnetic side shields

  • Mineral lenses

  • Category 4

  • Filters 100% UVs

  • Anti-glare coating

  • Not suitable for driving

Bollé Ova

Here is another big name in the eyewear industry. Bollé is a notorious manufacturer of helmets, goggles and sunglasses. The brand's products are renowned for being comfortable, very protective and of high quality. The french company has over a century of experience and definitely knows what it's doing.
The Ova are some trending glasses at the crossroad of two styles, aviator and rounded. They feature a thin metallic frame with a double nose bridge giving them an elegant retro touch and come with category 3 lenses. These lenses have a grey tint which better respects natural colours and they are made of polycarbonate which is 20 times stronger than glass and 3 times lighter as well.
We really liked the look of those shades. Retro and yet modern, classy and elegant, they're a great choice for a daily use with their category 3 lenses suitable for all conditions.

Technical Features

  • Category 3

  • Polycarbonate lenses

  • Metallic Frame

  • Dual nose bridge

Electric Nashville XL

In a much more american style, here are some shades from Electric. Fashionable and trustworthy, the Nashville are designed in California and made in Italy, the glasses combine style, quality and performance in the same mount. Their high-quality polycarbonate lens filter 100% of UVs and 98% of blue light while the Grilamid frame keeps the shades super light (28g) and super strong.
We loved the californian style of this model, elegant and classy but sporty at the same time. This incredible style combined with Electric's know-how in terms of performance make the Nashville a great pick for this summer.

Technical Features

  • Category 3

  • Grilamid frame

  • Polycarbonate OHM lenses

  • Filters 100% UVs

  • Filters 98% blue light

  • Weight: 28g

  • Designed in California

  • Made in Italy