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Camera 360fly


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The brand new 360fly camera enables to capture and record 360° footage for a fully immersive VR experience. It is the HD camera coming from the future!

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Caméra 360fly

Camera 360Fly 360fly

Enter a new dimension with this video camera that can capture 360° footage for a total immersion in the action. The lens covers a full horizontal 360° angle and a vertical 240° angle for a unique experience. You can now capture virtual reality videos easily and become the main actor of those edits by chosing on your own the best angle you want to watch and re-watch your film.  

The 360fly camera comes in a futuristic design and features high-end shrinked technologies. Film your own HD videos  (1500 x 1500 pixels at 30 frames/s ). The internal memory and the battery allow you to record for 2 hours. The specific mobile application (iOS or Android) enables easy settings and lets you share your footage directly on social networks.  

Strong and waterproof (up to 40m with mic unplugged) the 360fly camera will join you anywhere you go. 


Quick view Video Camera 360fly

One camera, one lens. A fully immersive 360° view. 

The 360fly captures your experiences in an immersive and interactive 360° footage that can be shared instantly on social networks and can be watched in virtual reality on mobiles or computers. Thanks to this camera you won't miss anything anymore!

Technical specifications

- Lens: 360° horizontal / 240° vertical
- Video resolution : 1500 x 1500px à 30 frames/s
- Definition: 12,4 mégapixels
- Storage: internal memory 32 Gb
- Battery Li-Polymer with 1600 mAh capacity
- Over 2 hours of recording
- Waterproof up to 1m / 40m with mic unplugged
- Works for temperature range from -20°C to +60°C

How it works? 

All you need to start filming in 360° and share your videos comes in the box. The only thing you have to do is charge your camera, connect it to your iOS or Android device, launch the 360Fly app and push the Record button.

The 360Fly HD comes with:
- Camera 360Fly HD
- Power Cradle
- Quick start guide
- Warranty card
- USB cable
- TiltMount with curved and flat baseplates

- Pouch
- Mic Plug + Lanyard 

Side view Video Camera 360fly
Smartphone Share Video Camera 360fly

Share your world in 360° as you see it 

It's a social media world. And 360Fly gives you one of the world's simplest and most seamless ways to share videos and VR experiences with family, friends and fans. All it takes is a push of a button in the 360fly app to share immersive, interactive 360° edits directly to Facebook and Youtube. For social media channels that aren't yet 360° compatible, the app has everything you need to create and share standard 16:9 edits and panoramic stills. 


A revolution in the world of action sports! 

Skateboard Video Camera 360fly 

The 360fly can be mounted anywhere! 

Snowboard Video Camera 360fly 

The widest picture available on the market
Capture and chare every minute from any angle, in one take. Your adventures are more immersive in 360°! 

Surf Video Camera 360fly 

Strong design
The 360fly is resistant to sweat, rain, any liquid, sand and dust. It offers a 360° protection regardless of your activity! 

Paddle Video Camera 360fly 

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360Fly 360fly
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Specs Video 360Fly 360fly
Year 2016

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