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Wakeboard Board Bill ATR "S"


View detailed description Wakeboard Board, Ronix 2016

The Bill ATR S integrates Ronix' new Speed Walls technology. It offers less resistance on water and enhances gliding performance. The S features softer flex for higher rail perf

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Wakeboard Board Ronix Bill ATR "S"

The only continuous rocker shape in our range created for faster/smoother takes offs, and longer rope lengths in mind. Now comes with 1 new ingredient - Speed Walls. The board with the least amount of resistance in our range - now has even less strain on your body. Extend your boat or cable session with this all around high glide speed new shape. 

ATR “S” Construction - A diamond configuration glass layup that offers a softer tip/tail for more feel on rails while still keeping a conventional layup in the belly. Also offering a stored energy feel behind the boat where the power drives thru the tail of the board creating more of a snowboard style take off the wake. 

Product Name
Ronix Bill ATR "S"
Product price
£343.00  instead of  £490.02
Specs Wakeboard Board Ronix Bill ATR "S"
Year 2016
Sizes 135




Flex Board
• Yes
• Versatile Boat/Cable
• Continuous Rocker
Specific trick base
• Yes
• Intermediate to advanced

Manufacturer info :

Wake Board I Construction

  • Diamond Glass  :

    Ronix' secret concoction absorbs more energy before rebounding it, a lightweight woven construction bring less swing weight and increased feel on the water to the board.

  • Grip & Release Technology  :

    Grip and Release channels have all the traction you need for boat or cable riding without creating uneeded resistance with the water

  • Thinnest Profile  :

    More feel for consitency on all types of surfaces

  • Speed Walls  :

    Vertical poured urethane creates more top water speed and a durable bumper from those floating menaces

Wake Board ı Rocker

  • Blended Continuous Rocker  :

    A combination of the speed and consistency off the wake of an early rocker, and the explosive vertical snap of a late rocker. A perfect blend for riders with varying styles.

Specific trick base

  • Yes


  • Intermediate to advanced

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